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SOUND REMEDY lit up the stage on Friday night, delivering a stellar performance of his signature electronic musical talents. SOUND REMEDY perfectly intermixes his own original songs, such as Liberation and Chiaroscuro with remixes of songs created by other artists. SOUND REMEDY has enchanting remixes to some of the most current popular songs. To name a few favorites, SOUND REMEDY lends his creative influence to Ellie Goulding’s cover of an Active Child song, Hanging On. While this is a lesser know Ellie Goulding song, it is definitely gaining popularity despite its release in 2012. Other popular remixes come from Imogen Heap, Lana del Rey, London Grammar, and John Newman. Daughter’s song Medicine is a beautifully crafted remix, which is challenging to do with slower, more emotional-lyrically based music that generally stays on the chill side of the alternative genre. However, this song meshes cohesively with stronger electronic beats native to the electronic genre. SOUND REMEDY captures attention with his remix of this song, considering most electronic artists only do remixes of hip hop, or other higher tempo songs. SOUND REMEDY has the unique quality of making well-known songs in the alternative genre seem as if they were fabricated not only in the electronic genre, but in his very own SOUND REMEDY genre.

In an 2012 interview, SOUND REMEDY said, “I want to make music that makes people happy, or even sad, as long as it makes them feel something”. A criticism of some electronic music, and especially dubstep songs, is that they can be so charged with energy, that the original artist intent of chord progression and intertwined melodic symphonies can be lost in translation. SOUND REMEDY captures the emotion from the original songs and enhances it – even going so far as to illuminate the passion hidden within.

SOUND REMEDY has a strong stage presence; even behind his computer, he is able to connect with the audience and instill his passion for his music through each and every song. It is apparent that he really feels his music, not just at a surface level, but at a deeper, emotional level. His music is appealing, fanatical, wild, and ravishing.

SOUND REMEDY is originally from the midwest, even attending Indiana University for a finance degree, but now he calls LA home. SOUND REMEDY started producing music full time just four years ago. He attributes his music upbringing from his parents who trained at Juilliard as a credit to his love of listening to, making, and living music.

SOUND REMEDY was the perfect musical talent to bring the the Colorado School of Mines Galaxe-Days’ stage. He is on the cusp of superstardom and he is a talent to watch become a permanent fixture on the electronic scene. SOUND REMEDY produces delightfully captivating tracks, proving his radiant love for making and sharing his spirited fervor with his listeners.

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