Ohmigod guys, it’s a Musical!

By Giovanni Ramirez

Elle Woods once said she could handle anything because she judged a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi. Similar to Elle Woods I think the cast and crew of Mines Little Theater could handle anything.

As you can guess from the title, Mines Little Theater graced us with a fun showing of Legally Blonde the Musical. Starring the likes of Channing Icenogle as Elle Woods, Robert Christian III as Emmett, Michael Mincer as Warner, Holly Vose as Paulette, John JP Walter as Callahan, Aeryne Aurand as Vivienne, and Shannon Freeman as Brooke Wyndham. There were many more who did an excellent job in the musical whether it be their performance, presence, and/or singing but were not listed as to not make the longest sentence in the world. 

In honest review of the musical, I cannot say I’m well acquainted with the original. Original musical that is, the movie I’ve seen it a good number of times, therefore I’m going to go with the assumption that the fantastic experience provided was solely from that of our very own Mines Little Theater. 

The show was fantastic. When it came to physical performances anyone could see that the cast had put some long and hard effort into it. The dances numbers were well executed, and everyone looked like they know what they were doing and where they needed to be. With the vocal performances the collective was clear and sharp. Solo performances were fantastic. My personal favorite from the night was Ireland performed by Holly Vose (Paulette). The set design was simplistic but well done. With the quick and quiet moves of set pieces during theatrical performance its quite necessary that the set pieces are limited in size and weight. With those limitations in mind the set pieces made by Mines Little Theater did an excellent job of selling (at least to me) Legally Blonde.

My only issues with the show were two things. One, the musical differs from the movie in ways that don’t benefit Elle as a character, and two, I was sitting farther back than I should have been. Next time Mines Little Theater puts on a show, it’s well worth the money and time to attend.

Also as a side note, I would like to put a touch of appreciation to the tech crew. The light displays all through the night to represent character’s emotions, character’s motives, and just illuminate the scene creatively. The tech crew was also extremely efficient in changing out the various prop pieces during the show and keeping mic related issues at a minimum. Just a small note to them, good job lads.

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