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Junior, Mechanical Engineering 2016. Proud Alpha Phi Fraternity member. Avid music listener. Fan of British film and literature. Looking to write about artists, entertainment, and activities on the verge of popularity. Love sports and beautiful Colorado.

Electronic Duo Release Their New Album “Caracal”

Brothers and electronic duo Disclosure just released their sophomore effort, Caracal on Sep. 25. This album features collaborations from Lorde, The Weeknd, and Kwabs. Colleague and close friend Sam Smith also makes an appearance on this album. Smith has previously worked with Disclosure on Latch from the Settle album, which was released in 2013. Disclosure…

Mines Internet Radio

Mines Internet Radio (MIR) provides a platform for broadcasters and listeners to share music together via weekly radio shows. Each of the shows are broadcast live on the MIR website at their scheduled time. All twenty-five shows airing this semester are organized, led, and produced by students at the Colorado School of Mines. Some shows…


Homecoming Parade Returns

After a two-year hiatus, the Homecoming parade returned this year. Seniors and fifth-year students might remember the last time the parade occurred during Homecoming in the Fall of 2012. However, for many underclassmen, this year marked their first experience with the Homecoming parade. Many student groups took the time and effort to handbuild their very…

Apple releases lineup for festival

The ever popular Apple Music Festival, formerly named the iTunes Music Festival, returns in it’s ninth year to London for ten nights of incredible shows on September 19th. The festival has been renamed to match the summer release of iTunes’ music streaming service, Apple Music. Each show can be streamed live on Apple Music, as…

Mumford and Sons’ Wilder Mind Electrifies

This past Good Friday morning, 600 tickets were released for a surprise show in Toronto, scheduled for that same evening. Mumford & Sons played their newest album, “Wilder Mind” live for the first time. All but one song from Mumford & Sons’ third studio album was unveiled for the crowd — and only for the…


Banks — Goddess (Deluxe)

Jillian Banks, known professionally as BANKS, released her first album this September into the expanse of anticipation surrounding her relative unfamiliarity with the mainstream. BANKS toured alongside The Weeknd for the better part of last year, drawing comparisons to the indie side of R&B with her sultry alternative style and electronic sound.


About Time

“About Time” is a candid look at the life of an Englishman who has inherited the ability to travel back in time. This trait is passed down through the men in his family — a fact he learns from his father on his twenty-first birthday. Jim Lake, seemingly normal, must decide how to use this newfound capability to alter his world for the better. Naturally, he sets upon finding a girlfriend. After a few failed attempts at love, Jim moves to London from his family home in Cornwall. He begins law school and rooms with an old playwright friend of his father’s. Not long after Jim meets Mary and makes plans to take her out on a date. Unfortunately, Jim uses his skill to rescue his roommate’s failed play premier, in the process erasing his first meeting with Mary. The movie continues from Jim’s perspective, wittily and heroically blundering through weddings, family parties, and the fair amount of tragedy reserved for romantic comedies.


Sound Remedy

SOUND REMEDY lit up the stage on Friday night, delivering a stellar performance of his signature electronic musical talents. SOUND REMEDY perfectly intermixes his own original songs, such as Liberation and Chiaroscuro with remixes of songs created by other artists. SOUND REMEDY has enchanting remixes to some of the most current popular songs. To name a few favorites, SOUND REMEDY lends his creative influence to Ellie Goulding’s cover of an Active Child song, Hanging On. While this is a lesser know Ellie Goulding song, it is definitely gaining popularity despite its release in 2012.

Alpha-Traz Review

The Iota Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi at the Colorado School of Mines hosted Alpha-Traz, the annual Alpha Phi International Philanthropy event which raises money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, champion of women’s heart health. The event was moved from its original location on Kafadar Commons to the Alpha Phi House due to the rainy weather forecast. Nevertheless, the event was an astronomical success. Over seven thousand dollars were raised which exceeded the goal of five thousand dollars.

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