Mines Internet Radio

Mines Internet Radio (MIR) provides a platform for broadcasters and listeners to share music together via weekly radio shows. Each of the shows are broadcast live on the MIR website at their scheduled time.

All twenty-five shows airing this semester are organized, led, and produced by students at the Colorado School of Mines. Some shows have returned from previous semesters, allowing listeners to find familiarity with a program over time.

Members have complete control over their show, which gives variety to the weekly lineup. With the opportunity to explore a genre of music, or to follow a theme that fits a specific style of music, MIR members gain real experience broadcasting.

Some shows just stream music, while others fall more into the talk show category. Each DJ, or pair of DJ’s, uses their creativity and passion for music to develop a unique product each week for their airtime.

During the time when live shows are not on the air, MIR plays old shows, or streams music similar to what might be played during a live weekly broadcast. This means that no matter what time you happen to visit the MIR website, there will surely be something to listen to.

Hannah Ware, the Live Events Director, coordinates with clubs and events on campus to host live music events sponsored by MIR. This is a free service available to all organizations on campus.

While it is an amazing feature that can enhance any event, it also gives MIR members a chance to volunteer and gain experience hosting a live event right here on campus.

Remember the superb music played during the E-Days Carnival last year? MIR DJ’s played their shows live onstage to enhance the event experience.

The current Vice President, Alex Manoilo, is looking to have a stronger MIR presence at campus-wide events in the future.

As such, MIR extends a warm invitation to all students to become involved in the club. If you have ever been curious about radio show production, the MIR executive team invites you to hang out at their studio during shows.

Currently, the MIR studio is located in the old Jones Road apartment complex, but has plans to move into the Student Center in the future.

MIR has grown as a student organization over the past few years and is gaining more strength and support from the student body. MIR wants you to check out their social media accounts!

MIR has a presence both on Twitter and Facebook, so follow or like their page to stay in the know on all upcoming shows and events. If you have any ideas of your own for events or activities you would like MIR to host, post to their social media accounts — they are open to receiving feedback and inspiring ideas from the student body.

MIR will be looking for new station personnel for the Spring 2016 semester, as well as new DJ’s to host shows! If you are interested in becoming involved in this fun and entertaining organization, be on the lookout for an opportunity to become involved in the spring.

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