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2019’s Harlon Hill snub: Blaster the Burro

Last month, Slippery Rock University quarterback Roland Rivers III won the Harlon Hill award. The honor is the highest that can be received by an NCAA Division II football player, and is considered the “Heisman Trophy of DII.” Rivers posted an astonishing 4,460 passing yards for 52 touchdowns on the season. But the nation’s true…


Impeachment Update

What Happened On December 18th, 2019, Trump became the third US president to be impeached by the House. Many watched news coverage or streaming of the debate, which took about eight hours. Both articles passed, with many of the votes following partisan trends. Now, the Senate will likely hold a trial to determine if President…



Justin Cyrus, former Colorado School of Mines Student, was on the Enabled Opportunities on the Moon breakout session panel at this year’s Space Com conference in Houston, where I conducted the following interview.  His father worked for Lockheed Martin, and so did his brother. Influenced by that, he has always wanted to work in the…

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