Alpha-Traz Review

The Iota Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi at the Colorado School of Mines hosted Alpha-Traz, the annual Alpha Phi International Philanthropy event which raises money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, champion of women’s heart health. The event was moved from its original location on Kafadar Commons to the Alpha Phi House due to the rainy weather forecast. Nevertheless, the event was an astronomical success. Over seven thousand dollars were raised which exceeded the goal of five thousand dollars.

Money is raised by students, faculty, and other community members donating money to ‘bail’ their friends out of jail. Members of Greek life, athletics, and campus organizations were placed under ‘cardiac arrest’ and could not leave the Alpha Phi ‘jail’ until their bail was met. Participants were able to set their bail accordingly to how much money they felt they could raise. Very proudly, Natalie Boldt, the Chapter President of Alpha Phi, was able to raise over eight hundred dollars alone. The women of Alpha Phi introduced a new dimension to the bailing out process this year with the concept of ‘counter-bail’. This means that donations were taken, not in order to bail someone out of jail, but to increase their bail amount and keep them in jail longer. This clever concept actually worked to raise more money than the original bail amounts while throwing in some fun for those who contributed to keeping a friend in jail for a longer period of time.

The day was full free food and raffle prizes, all in the spirit of raising awareness for women’s heart health. The women of Alpha Phi heartily appreciate everyone who shared their time in volunteering to participate for this event. It could not happen without the tremendous campus support that was received. Alpha Phi is also incredibly grateful to everyone who donated financially to the event. The Alpha Phi philanthropy is an organization that funds scholarships and sisterhood support programs throughout the United States and Canada. The Alpha-Traz event this year is the most successful event to date for Alpha Phi, and all of the money will go directly to the Alpha Phi Foundation to continue fostering awareness for women’s heart health.

To learn more about the Alpha Phi Foundation, please do not hesitate to ask an Alpha Phi on campus about how the Foundation works and how financial donations are used. Also check out for more information.

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