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From the Archives: CMEU

December 17, 1963, two Letters To The Editor were published in The Oredigger concerning the renaming of Colorado School of Mines to Colorado Mineral Engineering University. These were in response to an idea brought to attention by Dr. Childs in The Mines Magazine. The main purpose of this proposition was to see the school fulfill…


Career Day Prospects

Last semester’s career day felt like a bit of a nightmare. Long lines and constant technical difficulties made an already stressful day that much more difficult, but we learned from our mistakes. This semester’s was great for the students and the 166 employers that attended. If you got the chance to talk to an employer,…

Helluva Hot Take: Chegg

With the rise of the pandemic and online learning, there has been an extreme increase in usage of online platforms and services such as Discord, GroupMe, Chegg, etc. In the era of online lectures, limited zoom office hours, and limited chances for teacher-to-student communication, students have turned to these services for homework help and easier…

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