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New GPA Recovery Program

Originally published on March 2nd, 2021. Mines, of course, has its reputation of being hard or, preferably by the admission’s team, “rigorous.” STEM degrees are expectedly challenging, but Mines comes with a hidden poison. We could debate the difficulty of courses compared to other schools, but one objective facet of Mines is unavoidable: unlike nearly…


Mines to Expand Once Again

Featured image: “Rumor has it that this will be the last parking spot left on campus.” Image courtesy of Shane Cranor. BREAKING NEWS: PCJ recently announced that the school is shooting for a student population of 22,000 by 2022. Lots Q, A, AA, F, FF, I, J, and D to be replaced with residence halls….


New Graduation Requirements

Featured image: “The Career Center staff had an instrumental role in many of these changes.” Image courtesy of Shane Cranor. The Registrar’s Office has recently released additional requirements for graduation which are effective immediately for the Spring 2021 semester. These new requirements were created with the consideration and alignment of the absolute highest value at…


A Reflection on the State of Mines

It’s no secret our school prides itself on its reputation: smart, hard, high-paying careers. Mines has the highest admission standards of any public Colorado university. Our degrees are nationally top ten in Return on Investment. We dynamited the lawn of Denver University at 4 am back in 1919. Not gonna lie, we Orediggers are kinda…


Campus Power Rankings: Dorms

What would an edition of the Oredigger be without one article arbitrarily listing things and then, of course, ranking them? This week’s edition: On-Campus Housing! Elm Hall: Community kitchens, laundry rooms, social lounges, and study areas located on each floor. AC, elevators, and a sky bridge to look down on everyone else– I mean for…


Where Did Marvin the Miner Go?

Marvin the Miner, the first official mascot of the Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. Yes, that bushy-eyebrowed, pickaxe-toting, suspenders-wearing mascot. Now wait a minute, doesn’t that title belong to the omnipresent Blaster? Nope: according to canon lore, Blaster debuted as a mascot at Rock the Lock on February 16, 2018 – it hasn’t even been…

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