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Scientific Discoveries this Week – 10/20/14

Japan- Dr. Misao Fukuda of the M&K Health Institute in Japan found evidence to support the possibility that human sex ratios may be influenced by temperature, although in a more subtle way, through a different mechanism. Research shows that in 1968, 1.07 boys were born in Japan for every girl. By 2012, that was down to 1.05. “Male conception seems to be especially vulnerable to external stress factors, including climate changes,” Fukuda concludes. Furthermore, Fukuda investigated the data for fetal deaths in the ratio of male to female, which were 2 male per female. Nonetheless, changes to sex ratios for humans are so small that, there is no threat to our survival. But, “an increase in miscarriages for all fetuses may be one more effect of rapidly changing climates,” Fukuda says.

Headlines from Around the World: 10/20/14

The Ebola outbreak has amounted to 4000 deaths in the world and has affected West Africa, such as Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the worst. One of those deaths belonged to Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. The UN says more than 233 health workers working in West Africa have now died in the outbreak, the world’s deadliest to date. A senior official said that they did not anticipate the scale of the Ebola outbreak. Chris Dye, from World Health Organization, said, “We’ve asked for a response of about $1 billion, so far we have around $300 million with more being pledged, so a bit less than half of what we need but it’s climbing quickly all the time.” President Barack Obama ordered screenings for Ebola at five American airports in the United States, including JFK International Airport in New York after being briefed by Center for Disease Control chief Dr. Tom Frieden earlier this week.

Keurig Coffee Machine

In 1995, the young college student and entrepreneur John Sylvan was hung over an ATM machine suffering tunnel vision, heart palpitations, and feeling extremely woozy. After contacting his physician, he was ordered to the emergency room. Doctors soon discovered that Sylvan was drinking no less than thirty to forty cups of coffee a day! Little did they know though that young Sylvan and his roommate Dragone were on the verge of redefining how America drinks her coffee.

Hidden Remains: Chapter 1: Awakening

The sun had just kissed the horizon when the birds hushed their daily calls; the howls of the wolves died and the owls fell silent. The darkened sky gained an orange hue even as the wind shuffled the leaves that remained on the trees. The foxes abandoned the forests surrounding the Seine Mountains and in a distant forest a sword began to hum.


Faculty Spotlight: Renee Falconer

Loved by a majority of her students, teaching professor Renee Falconer imparts on her students more than just the chemistry that is taught in her classes. She welcomes all of her students with open arms and an open office, and makes the courses she teach about them and their learning experience rather than her. With a BS and a PhD in chemistry, she teaches Chemistry I and Chemistry II and makes CSM 101 an enjoyable and fun class.

Cooking-Corner_-Pumpkin-Muffins WEB

Addictive Pumpkin Muffins

As the Fall weather settles in on campus, people are drawn to Autumn things. Whether this is a warm jacket,a pumpkin spice latte, or an additional blanket covering a bed, there is something drawing people in. One of the most common things people look forward to when the Fall weather comes calling is something pumpkiny. Pumpkin pie is a common staple anytime around Halloween or Thanksgiving but people can begin to hunger for it even as early as the end of September, depending on the Fall weather. But pumpkin pie is a little tricky to make and not great for the inevitably busy weeks everyone on campus is experiencing as mid-terms take hold. So instead of a pie, people can get their pumpkin fix from delicious pumpkin muffins. They are quite simple to make and taste delicious but they are also quick and easy to grab when heading to class. But be careful because these muffins are very addictive! They can disappear in seconds as they are wolfed down by hungry college students.

Harmonic Happenings: Vintage Silk Band

While the Arthur Lakes Library is generally a silent place to study, the upbeat sound of smooth jazz drifted throughout the building one Friday afternoon. Vintage Silk Band, a four piece jazz ensemble, energetically performed a one hour-lunchtime show in the Boettcher room as part of the Concerts in the Library entertainment series.


Book Review: Thirteen Moons

“Thirteen Moons” by Charles Frazier tells the story of Will Cooper, a twelve year old orphan that goes on a wild adventure. Will is sold into indentured servitude and, as part of his service, he is ordered to travel to the edge of the Cherokee Nation, where he will manage a trading post. On this adventure he inevitably encounters all kinds of unexpected adventures.

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