Keurig Coffee Machine

In 1995, the young college student and entrepreneur John Sylvan was hung over an ATM machine suffering tunnel vision, heart palpitations, and feeling extremely woozy. After contacting his physician, he was ordered to the emergency room. Doctors soon discovered that Sylvan was drinking no less than thirty to forty cups of coffee a day! Little did they know though that young Sylvan and his roommate Dragone were on the verge of redefining how America drinks her coffee.

Nearly two decades later, after struggling from small office to office and piecing together machine after machine, Sylvan is at the head of a billion dollar company with huge potential. The Keurig Coffee maker is without doubt the space-age coffee maker of the next generation. Simply put, the Keurig is a coffee machine for the on-the-go worker and doer.

The Keurig coffee machine uses K-cups to create single mugs of coffee at a time in a period of less than a minute and thirty seconds by user measurements. This process is remarkably fast considering that it also heats the water in this time frame as well as brewing it. The K-cups come in over 250 varieties and allow for the creation of all different varieties of coffees, teas, and hot chocolates. Following this impressive lineup is the various types of reusable K-cup devices that allow the users to use the Keurig to take any homemade or off-the-shelf beans and use them in the Keurig machine to the same speedy effect.

Most surprising about this machine is that even with its high speed and seeming universal brewing capabilities is its quality. While varying greatly from type to type, one can almost guarantee that coffee from this machine is going to taste as commendable as possible for each brand.

No device is without its flaws however, and the greatest of these for Keurig is cost. Having to pay to play hits hard with this “luxury” machine, with the machines themselves running around 200 dollars apiece and K-cups being up to eighteen times as expensive as using a drip machine. As a college student, this is a heck of an investment for quick coffee every morning. However one can be hopeful that with a simple ask many may receive it as well intended gift. As a gift with the edition of the reusable cup, the Keurig can become quite an enjoyable and relatively inexpensive machine.

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