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A newly opened full-service Starbucks, located in the Periodic Table, is part of expansion of food options for students.

Traditional Halls, Student Center Renovations Help Modernize Campus

With sushi available for purchase and renovations to Morgan and Randall Hall, new and exciting additions to campus are everywhere this semester. Rebecca Flintoft, Director of Auxiliary Services, and Heather Boyd, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, shared information about everything from the Periodic Table Food Court, to the Mines’ Bookstore, to the upcoming Starzer…


Bojack Horseman

“For some people life is one giant kick in the urethra.” This quote proves to be a defining portrayal of Netflix’s new original series Bojack Horseman. Cleared for its second season almost immediately, it’s an adult animated comedy by Bob Waksberg that follows the fictional, semi-famous, 90’s sitcom star from “Horsing Around,” Bojack Horseman, as he struggles to deal with his muddled spiral into unimportance. Voiced by Will Arnett, each thirty-minute episode covers Bojack’s often drunken escapades through a Hollywood where humanoid animals and mankind live in perfect ignorance. Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse, lives with his freeloading houseguest Todd, voiced by Aaron Paul (yes, from “Breaking Bad”), in an upper class abode in the Hollywood hills. While not in a drunken stupor Bojack is struggling to write his memoir with the help of his ghostwriter Diane, voiced by Alison Brie, and his agent/girlfriend Princes Caroline, a cat voiced by Amy Sedaris. These characters along with Bojack’s happy go lucky nemesis Mr. Peanutbutter, Paul F. Tompkins, provide the basis for story development, character growth, and, of course, the enormous amounts comedy.

Keurig Coffee Machine

In 1995, the young college student and entrepreneur John Sylvan was hung over an ATM machine suffering tunnel vision, heart palpitations, and feeling extremely woozy. After contacting his physician, he was ordered to the emergency room. Doctors soon discovered that Sylvan was drinking no less than thirty to forty cups of coffee a day! Little did they know though that young Sylvan and his roommate Dragone were on the verge of redefining how America drinks her coffee.

Headlines From around the World: 9/29/14

An employee of the Chicago airports O’Hare and Midway has been accused of starting a fire in the FAA Air Route Traffic Control facility in Aurora, III. The fire caused the delay and cancellation of over 2,000 of flights out of both of the airports and disrupted even more throughout the entire country. Since failing to cut his own throat near the location of the fire, he has been charged with the destruction of aircraft and aircraft facilities and faces twenty years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


BioShock A Series in Review

While one has to realize that to review the entire BioShock series is sort of a ridiculous task in itself as it covers an immense and radically diverse amount of ideas, gameplay, and characters, one must also have to come to the conclusion that to not to do this review would have been extremely parasitic as well. Despite this terrible catch in the end, a hand was forced to write this review by the recent disbanding of the Irrational Games team, the creators of the BioShock series. Recalling that a man chooses while a slave obeys, and in an effort to do the game some justice and possibly influence someone who has not played any or one of the three segments of the series, a basic overview of its titles are provided.

An Honest Review of The SKS-45

In an age filled with advanced, tech-heavy, synthetic, expensive weapons, one is inclined to believe that for those on a low budget, a semi-automatic rifle of assault rifle quality is by far out of reach. While this is true for weapons like the more hailed AK-47 or AR-15, the SKS-45 is a distinguished exception. Designed by Sergei Simonov in 1943, the rifle was designed to counter the world’s first assault rifle, the recently deployed German Sturmgewehr 44, and was used as the general battle rifle for the Red Army until it was phased out by the iconic AK-47 in the early 1950’s. The SKS is still used by both the Chinese and Russian honor guards and has served in almost every major war since its creation including Korea and Vietnam.

Headlines from Around the World

Three airplane flights have been compelled to make premature landings due to reclining seats. The first was on August 24 when two passengers on a United Airlines flight got into a fight after one used a “knee defender device” on the other’s reclining seat. The second was only days later when a Frenchman was arrested on his flight from Paris to Miami and caused his plane to land early after assaulting a flight crewmember about a reclining seat. The third was on September 2 when a woman was “hit” in the head by the passenger in front of her reclining the seat too far. The woman’s tantrum forced her Delta Airlines flight flying from New York’s La Guardia Airport to West Palm Beach Florida to make an unexpected landing in Jacksonville.

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