Faculty Spotlight

Professor Spotlight: Dr. Michael Barankin

Dr. Barankin joined the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department this fall. Born in Sacramento, CA he earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at UCLA. Barankin went on to earn his master’s degree and doctorate in Chemical Engineering at TU Delft in the Netherlands with a dissertation on novel methods for producing coatings using plasma…


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Olivia Burgess

Utopian literature, health and fitness, and engineering school may not appear to have much in common, but avoid mentioning that to Dr. Olivia Burgess. Now in her second semester as a Nature and Human Values (NHV) Teaching Assistant Professor here at Colorado School of Mines, Dr. Burgess strives to connect her passion for health and…


Angie Sower Faculty Spotlight

While many professors dread difficult student questions, Dr. Angie Sower loves the special moment when a student raises his or her hand and asks a question she cannot answer. Dr. Sower is in her second semester as an Associate Teaching Faculty in the Chemistry Department here at Colorado School of Mines and is incredibly excited…


Faculty Spotlight: Renee Falconer

Loved by a majority of her students, teaching professor Renee Falconer imparts on her students more than just the chemistry that is taught in her classes. She welcomes all of her students with open arms and an open office, and makes the courses she teach about them and their learning experience rather than her. With a BS and a PhD in chemistry, she teaches Chemistry I and Chemistry II and makes CSM 101 an enjoyable and fun class.

Scott Strong—Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for AMS (Applied Math and Statistics)

Scott Strong is not your typical college mathematics professor. He bounds into class with more energy than all 30 students combined, uses the room as a coordinate system to model quadric surfaces, and always manages to evoke many more questions than calculus can possibly answer. Professor Strong is the epitome of an engaging lecturer, challenging each and every student who steps into his room to consider the real world application of a subject often considered too abstract.

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