The liquid gummy bear – A rare species

When most people think of alcohol and gummy bears, they think of the vodka soaked variety. However, this recipe is a little more expensive, but yields a much better tasting final product. The recipe calls for some unique ingredients that are normally out of reach for most college students.

1 shot of Hipnotiq
1 shot raspberry and/or strawberry vodka
½ can of Mountain Dew
1/3 can or 8.4 oz. Redbull
1 splash of grenadine

Since this is a party drink, all the ingredients can be poured into a plastic cup and enjoyed. First of all, the ingredients should be addressed. Hpnotiq is a fruity cognac with an interesting blue hue. It, along with the vodka, adds the gummy bear flavor to the drink. The smell of citrus permeates through the drink and the Hpnotiq fills the nose with a hefty fruit scent. Without the sodas and the grenadine, the other ingredients create a hpnotiq-tini. Beyond that, the drink has an interesting orange color and the alcohol is tasteless, making it a great drink to enjoy either at a party or with a meal. But beware, the caffeine alcohol combination makes it a rather dangerous drink for those with heart conditions. Enjoy responsibly.

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