Letter to the Editor: 4/15/13

In my opinion, the student body at Mines seems to have a problem with defining personal space and pigheadedness, particularly on the main sidewalks between classes. I have been run into countless times from lazy students who refuse to respect their half of the sidewalk and move out of the way. This problem is greatly intensified by the presence of snow. The limited walking space created by snow barriers leads to an excess number of physical collisions because students are adamant about standing their ground and not moving to their half of the sidewalk. I understand that they maybe mid-conversation with a friend but I believe it is the respectful thing to move either in front of or behind the person you are walking with to avoid running into someone else.

The courtesy level of students in regards to opening doors and holding them for others is outstanding so why can we not figure out how to avoid each other on our way to class? Just last week I was standing on the edge of the sidewalk talking to someone who was walking away when a girl slammed into the back of me and told me to watch out. I was facing the other way and not moving, the collision was completely on her behalf. If you were driving a car, you would not run into the back of another car just because it was not moving. I think this kind of contact is unnecessary and can easily be avoided by people being courteous on the sidewalks. I would really appreciate it and I am sure others would as well if we could all make a conscious effort to not run into each other.

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