A Stylish Music Column

By Jade Glaister

We’re starting this music column off with a stylish start because of the recent, magical news: Harry Styles is releasing a new album! Fans of this talented musician have been impatiently waiting for more content since his release of the incredible album, “Fine Line,” in December 2019. The wait is almost over because Styles announced that his next album, “Harry’s House” will be released on May 20th. This announcement was accompanied by the album cover, which is initiating lots of theories and conversations about the theme of the album with an upside down house interior background and an upright Harry. Bringing about more excitement, Styles also recently released one song from this album, “As It Was,” along with its music video, featuring some magnificent outfits. This song gives the false illusion of happiness because of upbeat instrumentals, yet the lyrics are quite deep, reflective, and very sad. It’s a different style from Styles’ typical music, so everyone is very excited to hear what else he has planned for this album.

While we all wait for another Harry Styles album, there are many other fantastic songs to listen to. March 25th was full of new music as COIN and Wallows released new albums. COIN’s “Uncanny Valley” brings joy to us STEM students as the songs both include technologic and human vocals while carrying the theme of technology’s role in learning about human life. Wallows’ new album, “Tell Me That It’s Over,” is full of great, break-up songs, each with a slightly different genre of music. While they maintain their typical, indie-pop band tone, each song still sounds distinct from one another and overall different from previous music. Now get ready for a plethora of wonderful, recently released singles that you should listen to (which are primarily sad songs for some reason): “Nothing” by Catie Turner, “Tiebreaker” by The Head And The Heart, “Chaotic” by Tate McRae, “Disappointment” by Sarcastic Sounds feat. Rxseboy, “Naked” by FINNEAS, “Changes” by The Happy Fits, “Give Me The Reason” by James Bay, “Hurtless” by Dean Lewis, and “Crash” by Alexander 23.

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