Cancel Classes on Career Day

By McKenna Larson

Colorado School of Mines takes pride in the success of students at all levels in finding jobs at Career Day. It’s a full day for students to meet employers, practice professional social skills, and really see what is out there in the world after college. Perfect right? Well, it would be if so many students were not juggling the stresses of this day with a potentially full class schedule. 

If the administration is so proud of its efforts to get students employed, and companies are vying for space in the rec center, why is the day not given fully to students? Most classes stay in session regardless of the impact it will have on job seekers. Some individual professors have Career Day off in the syllabus but there seems to be no standard set for this practice from the higher levels of the school. Students may have to choose between class work, meeting companies, or trying to have the best of both worlds by running between the two all day. 

The university claims that this day is a huge opportunity for students but the chance to have face-to-face interactions is not a guarantee. It seems CSM administration wants to keep students in classes and simultaneously maintain the hiring statistics of undergraduates. It is a hypocritical stance by the school that wants to have its cake and eat it too. 

If Colorado School of Mines is serious about its commitment to allow students to network with companies for interviews and internship or job offers, then classes have to be canceled. This change would be more accommodating for undergraduates and give everyone a chance to enjoy the experience.  

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