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Mines Student Organizations Battle COVID’s Attack on Social Life

Extra! Extra! Read even more about it! Worldwide pandemic delivers a crushing blow to gatherings of any kind! I’m sure you’re being bombarded with COVID information from every direction, though maybe not in a 1920s newspaper boy voice. However, the newspaper boy is correct; social life has changed dramatically since March. This means that the…


Let’s Not Go to the Lobby (Because It’s Been Replaced)

In early March of this year, literally–almost–no individual could have predicted the nearly absolute shutdown of the American economy that would soon occur due to the international COVID-19 pandemic. Both the federal and state governments temporarily closing all types of businesses piece by piece, essentially placing the population in an emergency lockdown situation made the…


Public Art Spotlight-Manare

The Colorado School of Mines campus quickly becomes a second home for the roughly 1,400 new students that join the Oredigger family each year. With many classes being offered virtually and aimlessly wandering around campus being discouraged, it’s likely some of the campus’ character will be lost to new and returning students alike. I believe,…


Survivors speak out

In the wake of George Floyd and police brutality protests erupting across the country, some Mines students stepped up and raised their voices as well. Many students have been vocal about their less than ideal experiences at Mines concerning discrimination on social media through their personal accounts and even through community pages. On July 6th,…

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