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Catastrophic impacts and precision dating

From his deep connection with the acclaimed Prehistoric Journey at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to his newest discovery of a mastodon fossil in Snowmass, Colorado, lovingly deemed “Snowmastodon,” the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s Dr. Kirk Johnson’s work is revolutionizing the way geoscientists and the public look at the Earth’s fossil past. “I am a shovel scientist,” Johnson explained, “I believe that truth comes from the tip of a shovel.”

You need a mentor

Lockheed Martin’s recruiter Marisole Gongora emphasized that having someone to guide and advise you in your life is a good thing in her presentation Tuesday, making sure students understood that a mentor can help in the development of not only your career, but in many areas of your life. Mentors can serve as much more than a source of advice, by being helpful in making difficult decisions, offering comfort when things are not working out well, and just offering a mature perspective on the challenges in life.

Scientific discoveries this week: 2-28-11

Somerset, United Kingdom – The caves in Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, England, hide what scientists are calling the earliest evidence of humans using the skulls of their enemies as some kind of ceremonial cup. The skulls showed signs of careful breakage, which shows that the cannibals were trying to preserve as much of the skull as possible. It is still unclear exactly what the skulls were used for, but other cultures appeared to have similar practices, and the purpose was usually to humiliate their enemies.

Hope and determination in Chile

Every once in a while and event comes along that unites people across the world in hope; even more rare is it that someone so involved with such an event comes to Mines. On Friday the 25th of February, revered driller, Jeff Hart, who made his mark as the lead driller in the rescue efforts in the Chilean mine disaster talked in front of an eager crowd of Mines students, faculty, and collegiate mining teams from across North America. During the hour and a half long presentation Hart, who is a driller for Layne Christensen, a drilling company that works around the globe, recounted the series of events that lead up to the completion of the relief hole that served as an exit for the 33 trapped Chilean miners.       

Wellness Day is coming

Each year, a variety of local health & wellness experts gather in the Ballrooms of the Student Center to share their wares with the CSM campus community. This event is a wonderful opportunity to sample new products, get free massages, participate in health screenings and safety demonstrations, and just have a great time! Where else can you taste organic foods, get some quick health checks, dabble in acupuncture, learn to manage stress and get a body comp test all in one place? Did I mention the FREE STUFF?

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