Headlines from around the world: 9/9/13

Two researchers and their pilot were rescued from an Alaskan volcano after their helicopter’s blades were covered in ice, stranding them near the volcano for more than two days. Asked about how they spent the two days pilot Sam Egli said, “We just yakked.” The researchers were working on recovering some short-term volcano monitoring equipment. Due to the freezing ice storm they were unable to produce lift and the weather didn’t clear up after that. Luckily a rescue helicopter airlifted them to safety on Friday leaving the iced chopped on Mount Mageik.

Earlier this week chinese state media announced that officials would be prohibited from using government money to purchase mooncakes and other extravagances like gifts, meals, and drinking for the festivities. This month’s Mid-Autumn Festival involve traditional customs and numerous gifts. The idea that restricting the purchase of holiday treat could be a step in China’s fight against corruption seems ludicrous but it is a small step towards dealing with the blurring of traditional customs and government business. In the past it has been custom for businessmen to use holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival as a time to lavish officials to pave the way for future dealings. Public opinion on chinese social media had mixed feelings about the ban some saying it was a good start and others saying it wasn’t enough.

Prince Andrew of Britain was stopped by armed officers in the gardens of the Buckingham palace less than 48 hours after a break-in. The confrontation came after an intruder was able to scale a fence and get inside the palace before being arrested by police. According to the Sunday Express, the encounter put the prince in danger of being shot dead by officers paid to protect him and his family. The prince seemed to take the incident lightly saying, “police have a difficult job to do balancing security for the royal family and deterring intruders. I’m grateful for their apology and look forward to a safe walk in the garden in the future.”

A UPS driver rescued a woman trapped in a burning truck on Friday near Los Angeles. Three people were injured when the driver of a Lexus CT200 slammed into the back of a stalled pickup triggering an explosion and fire that trapped a passenger in the pickup. UPS driver Lawrence Sanchez pulled to the side of the road stopping behind the crash to shield the people from oncoming traffic with his delivery truck. When he noticed a woman trapped inside the burning pickup Sanchez grabbed the fire extinguisher from his truck and started spraying the truck beating the flames back and allowing the woman to escape. When he was told that he was a hero Sanchez said, “these CHP guys do it every day — they’re the heroes.”

The case for a limited military attack on Syria has been changed and rehashed multiple times over the last few weeks. This time the Obama administration showed a select group of senatiors videos that make a strong case for a military strike. The footage includes bodies writhing on the floor, people with their dilated eyes watery and dazed, and children gasping for air with dead bodies nearby are some of the images the administration says are consistent with exposure to nerve agents. The videos are meant to convince lawmakers that Syrian President Bashar Assad killed more than 1,400 people, including more than 400 children on August 21 in a chemical weapons attack outside Damascus. Meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry met with European Union officials to muster support for a strike on Syria.

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