Gear Review: Grip-Go

The convenience of hands-free communication and GPS mounting comes directly with the Grip-Go in car, phone mount. The mount is designed to hold on to any device: MP3 players, phones, and GPS units securely and safely.

Priced at around $10, this As-Seen-On-TV product is fairly inexpensive considering the functionality it provides. Many different setup options are provided, allowing the user to decide which one is fitting of his or her needs. The Grip-Go comes with a circular surface for which the suction cup can adhere to in cases where mounting the suction cup to glass is not applicable. When mounted on the inside of the windshield, the Grip-Go’s suction is extremely effective. The mount also rotates and swivels in two different locations to accommodate nearly any dashboard setup.

The actual component of the Grip-Go that holds the electronic device is a small green patch of sticky material. Upon first glance, it appears that the material would be prone to leaving sticky residues on anything that comes in contact, but this is not the case. The patch of material is able to secure devices without damaging the surface of application. However, the reliability of the stickiness is not perfect. Initially, the stickiness of the patch is too much, and removing a phone or GPS unit becomes difficult. As times progresses, the stickiness gradually reduces, but can be replenished by washing the surface with water. Additionally, temperature plays a role in the amount of adhesion of the material. Colder temperatures will decrease the effectiveness of the stickiness.

The mount itself is made from plastic and is able to remain sturdy and in place while driving. Rotating the swiveling head of the Grip-Go allows devices to be presented in either landscape or portrait modes, which can be helpful for navigating.

Overall, the use of the Grip-Go is helpful, but the adhesion is sometimes unreliable. If the Grip-Go is too sticky, your device can be trapped on the Grip-Go, and if is not sticky enough, phones and GPS units are at risk of falling and breaking on the floor of the car. It takes balance and learning the discrepancies of the material to ensure everything works properly. For $10, the product does provide options that can promote safer driving habits. The Grip-Go keeps your phone at a level that keeps eyes on the road and discourages texting. Phone calls can be taken on speakerphone and allows the driver to keep two hands on the wheel. Safer driving habits are not guaranteed by the use of this product, as the decisions made on the road are ultimately made by the driver. Use at your own risk, making sure the device is entirely secure. Driving remains the priority while using the Grip-Go.

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