Top Yaks at Mines – December 1st, 2014

1. It’s official! I’ve been tobacco free for two years now!
2. Wake Forest University friend- “The worst part about wearing heelys on campus is when the girls get too wet and I hydroplane.”
3. No mom. Everyone failed that test. It’s fine.
4. Me: “At least I’m kinda smart.” Mines: “lol. No.” Me: “Well at least I’m kinda funny.” Yik Yak: “lol. No.”
5. Now that CSM 101 is over I’m free to seduce my peer mentor.
6. BREAKING NEWS: The Seg BARELY tops his season high from October 8th and posts an impressive NEW SEASON HIGH of 33 indeeds. He’ll be exciting to watch as we approach the finals.
7. Starting to realize that college is just a continuous “make it through this week.”
8. Xbox straight up gave me an achievement for watching over 10 hours of Netflix in a row. Thanks for making me feel like I achieved something in that time.
9. Mines triangle: sleep, good grades, social life. Choose 0.
10. Oh the weather outside is frightful, and Netflix is so delightful, since I’ve got no place to go, next episode, next episode, next episode.

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