What a day to be an Oredigger fan

When the sun came up on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, there was nothing but opportunity for the Mines athletics department. And the Orediggers did not disappoint. Men’s and women’s swim placed 2nd and 3rd respectively at the A3 Performance invite, women’s basketball beat Concordia by a score of 69-57, and seven Oredigger wrestlers earned spots […]


Destressing during finals week

As December approaches, there is one dark thought in everyone’s mind: Finals. The exam that can decide whether you pass or fail a class is easily one of the most difficult parts of academia, but there are a few things that can make it easier. The biggest one is finding a way to calm down […]

Sports Volleyball

Athlete Spotlight: Abby Tiesman

The Women’s Volleyball regular season has come to a close with the post-season tournament quickly approaching. Our Orediggers have finished 19-6 overall and 12-5 in the conference, and have clinched a position in the tournament as the fourth seed. On this year’s team there is plenty of talent, but there is one athlete that stands […]

Featured Mines News News

Nearing the Sesquicentennial

The Master Plan is a living document that allows meaningful expansion which retains Mines’ state as a leading environmental resource-focused research institution. As recently publicized, CSM will break ground on the Subsurface Frontiers building converging USGS scientists and Mines faculty and Staff preserving and continuing decades of collaboration between the organizations. In this way, our […]

Campus Issues Opinion

The Ethics of Endowments

The Colorado School of Mines Foundation is a money making machine. A non profit organization headquartered in the Starzer Welcome Center, the main part of its mission is to “advance Mines by raising and managing funds…” and its vision is to “be the essential partner to the entire Mines community…” according to its website. And […]


OK Boomer: the “no u” to “get off my lawn”

Another viral trend is sweeping the nation, and this time, it’s a phrase: “OK Boomer.” It started on TikTok as a response to criticism from older generations, specifically ideals of the past. It has become very popular within the past few months due to its media coverage, but it may have originated as early as […]

Op-Ed Opinion

In Response to ‘A Warning’

The opinion article in last week’s edition of The Oredigger entitled “…And A Warning” made an argument for the shortcomings of today’s youth. I disagreed with it strongly enough that I feel I need to offer my own counterarguments. For a start: the writer had the luxury of comparing a generalization, a non-existent hypothetical youth, […]



It is 3:50pm. There are ten minutes before class starts. You forgot to print your homework and the clock is ticking. You attempt to log into Oreprint, but fail. The title text pleads to you, making a strong emotional appeal: “Please login with your multipass credentials.” “Invalid username or password” blares across your screen in […]

National News News

Warning: This story contains serious space geek info.

The most famous Apollo mission was Apollo 11; the first to land on the Moon.  The next most famous was Apollo 13; because of the inflight anomaly on the way to the Moon and the Tom Hanks Movie by the same title.  In between these is Apollo 12. It launched from Kennedy Space Center November […]

Mines News News

What you should know about u locks: An investigation into campus bicycle safety

We hear it all the time at the beginning of the year: “Register your bike on campus.” “Make sure you use a U-lock.” These precautionary measures are designed to help students keep their bicycles safe, and for good reason. Just this past year, 54 bikes were reported missing or stolen from campus, representing an overall […]