The Magic Among Us

Image courtesy of Zachary ‘Barry.
Image courtesy of Zachary ‘Barry.

So we all know that red is sus… but why do we all know this? A few months ago, an Among Us frenzy took the world by storm; there was talk about it everywhere as the game became the thing to do with friends, clubs, and even strangers. As the word “sus” crept into everyday language, many began to wonder how this game became so popular. Although it truly is a fun use of time, there are many layers as to why the world became obsessed.

Just in case you missed it, Among Us is a virtual game that can be played on your phone, Nintendo Switch, or PC. The setting takes place in an isolated map, most famously a spaceship, where all participants wear solid colors with a choice of an accessory. One to three people are assigned the role of imposter, whose job is to win by killing all other crewmates either directly or by sabotaging them without anyone discovering their identity. Simultaneously, the other crewmates are trying to win by either voting the imposter off or finishing a hefty list of tasks.

Since the game is played entirely online, Among Us is easily accessible. Along with this, although the fun created by the game is priceless, it is free to download! Furthering its convenience, Among Us is simple to learn, and each game is not significantly long, allowing anyone (especially college students) to fit in games throughout the day. Regarding its content, nearly every component of the game is entertaining yet logical. Whether it is discussing who may be the imposter, completing tasks, navigating the role of imposter, or choosing your color, problem-solving skills are required, but not to an exhausting extent.

While these attributes contributed to the game’s jump in popularity, the ability for society to discover new ways to find joy truly made it soar. As we all know, these times have made it terribly difficult to interact and connect with others. Despite noble efforts to move everything into Zoom calls, that indescribable feeling of being in the same room as others and laughing during silly party games can’t make the transition. Nevertheless, people are resilient and brought that feeling back, to a moderate extent, with Among Us. As players work together, argue, and joke through the game, they are able to experience a similar feeling of togetherness that has been missing. The ability to move around a character in the same room as others also helps with this as players can almost feel like they are back in a place with others again. Despite it seeming like a frivolous game that randomly took over the world to some, Among Us brought back the magic of human interactions through an unconventional way.

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