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Professor Greivel is the apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree. The mathematics professor, originally from Lakewood, CO, didn’t travel very far when he attended the Colorado School of Mines for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. A few adjunct teaching and lecturing jobs later, he is a resident of nearby Wheat Ridge, CO with a passion for teaching. “I love to watch the light bulb go on,” he explained about his job, “I try to find unique ways of sparking the student’s interest.”

Being a graduate from Golden Tech, Greivel, for the most part, understands the students he teaches and can relate to them. He recognizes how much strain and pressure is put on the student. “We work you guys hard,” he admitted, “I know it’s tough.” In fact, he knew Mines so well and fit in so well during his stay, Grievel was elected the Mines Homecoming Beast.

Greivel explained that much of Mines is similar to when he attended. The classes are still treacherous, and the opportunities are vast. The view from the faculty position has slightly changed since his college days. “They are a little more thoughtful to [the students] position,” he described, “They try give you the best opportunity for success.” A unique feature that has recently been added has been the push to involve students in numerous organizations in an effort to get them connected; something Greivel approves of. “I think it’s good to [push for involvement]. It really adds a lot to the college experience.”

Here at the Colorado School of Mines, Professor Greivel’s main focus is on education. He lectures in calculus and other core math classes as most of his work is done with freshmen and sophomores. “I enjoy messing with the freshmen,” he said with a smile, “I try to get the 18 year-olds involved in learning. They come in wide open, the sky is the limit, and they can accomplish so much.” He is also working on developing new curriculum that better meets the students’ needs.

Back home, Professor Greivel is a husband and father of two and is truly a family man at heart. Although he professes not to have free time, Greivel’s says that his principle hobby is watching his two young kids grow up. Outside of family and work, Professor Greivel has a passion for biking. “Mountain biking is a blast, though I will road bike any time I can,” he commented. When he was younger, Greivel would often bike a vigorous journey down to the Velodrome in Colorado Springs from his home in Lakewood.

But above all, Greivel loves his job and hopes that students realize the opportunity that they have at Mines. “This is a big part of your life,” he noted. According to him, college serves two main purposes. The first, to gain expertise in a field you love and the second, to grow socially. “There is a big difference from an 18 year-old and a 22 year-old. You grow up so much during these years…Make it count, take the coursework seriously, but take care of developing other areas of your life as well.”


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