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My last article; A satirist’s goodbye

I have been contemplating what to write for my last Fool’s Gold article for YEARS. Should it be a quirky piece on the school and its students? Should it be a testimonial to how a certain staff member should have been fired years ago for a chronic history of brainlessness, harassment, too much cologne, and just being a horrible, horrible person to the core? Should it be a final, uplifting memoir to how great the school is and what it has taught me? Should it ask several questions about what the article should be about? Or should it simply be a heartfelt thanks to the school? I took the high road and went with the latter.


Board of Student Organizations honors outstanding clubs with Organization of the Year award


Student organizations are a fundamental part of student life at Mines.  With almost 160 organizations, Mines organizations have something for everyone.  This year, the Board of Student Organizations would like to recognize two organizations for their outstanding leadership and dedication to the students on campus.  We feel these organizations exemplify what it means to be an active, responsible, and effective club on campus.  Please help us thank them for all of their hard work!

Mines alumnus returns for Leadership Summit


Graduates from the Colorado School of Mines are well trained in the science of moving mountains. But on October 2, Mines alumnus and celebrated author Mr. Robert Waterman will lead one of many plenary sessions that will help Mines students learn how to mobilize people and teams to move those mountains. They will be learning how to apply engineering principles to the art of leadership.

Along with co-author Tom Peters, Waterman penned the leadership tome “In Search of Excellence”, which has been heralded as the “greatest business book of all time” by Bloomsbury UK.

CSM track and field defeats at meet

The CSM track & field team hosted its first meet at the Stermole Track & Field Complex on Friday afternoon. CSM competed in a dual meet against UC-Colorado Springs as the men defeated UCCS, 92-26, while the women defeated UCCS, 74-19.

The Oredigger women had two athletes with provisional qualifying marks. Kiera Benson recorded her first provisional qualifying mark in the long jump of 5.71 m (18’-9”) which ranks her in the top 20 on the pision II performance list. Savannah Afoa improved on her mark in the discus moving up to 15th on the pision II performance list with a distance of 44.91 m (147’-44”). Mines scored first-place points in 8 of the 12 women’s events.

Scientific discoveries this week: 5-3-2010

Beijing, China – A new study shows that certain dinosaurs changed the appearance of their feathers during adolescence. Somewhat like modern birds, who molt while growing, the study suggests that the basic structure of dinosaur feathers changed as they grew. The study’s authors analyzed two 125 million-year-old fossils of the feathered dinosaur, Similicaudipteryx. One of the dinosaurs, presumed to be younger because of its size and skeletal structure, had ribbon-like bases on its feathers. The older dinosaur, however, had quilled feathers along the base. It is presumed that this change took place after the animals molted and their feathers grew back.

Student athletes balance finals, competitions

The big coats begin to vanish; the shorts and flip-flops emerge; construction work rears its ugly head; and Colorado weather becomes as erratic as the Denver Nuggets. You know this time of year- it’s Finals Season. But while most students at Mines lock themselves away for a week, student athletes must balance their time between studying and competition. They cannot tune out the extracurrricular to focus on school, as many teams will compete all throughout the month of May. The track team’s RMAC Conference meet takes place Monday through Wednesday of finals week, right smack in the middle of final exams. and students must pide their time as they aim for success in the classroom and on the field.


Athlete of the Week: Sydney Laws, Senior, Cross Country

Sydney Laws is making strides in her career as an Oredigger athlete. The senior has risen to become one of Mines most prominent female distance runners in both cross country and track. Last fall, at the pision II Cross Country National Championships, Laws placed an impressive 10th overall, the best that Mines has witnessed. She has also been apart of numerous successful relays in track and has made a reputation for being a national contender. She currently holds the Indoor Track record for the women’s 3000m race (10:17.98). The chemical engineer will be graduating this year and looks forward to beginning her career. For her efforts, Laws is this week’s Athlete of the Week.


Mines campus happy

Reports of on-campus happiness have been flooding The Oredigger office. According to the latest sources, the anomaly occurred sometime last Thursday, though aftershocks of the event are still being felt. “I don’t know what came over me,” one student stammered, shortly after the happiness burst, “I mean, I really don’t know. I just sat down to do my homework and the sun was streaming into the window and the trees were covered in flowers and I closed my eyes, and suddenly everything was beautiful.”


Greivel strives for excellence, education

Professor Greivel is the apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree. The mathematics professor, originally from Lakewood, CO, didn’t travel very far when he attended the Colorado School of Mines for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. A few adjunct teaching and lecturing jobs later, he is a resident of nearby Wheat Ridge, CO with a passion for teaching. “I love to watch the light bulb go on,” he explained about his job, “I try to find unique ways of sparking the student’s interest.”

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