Kick-Ass redefines the superhero

With all the excitement due to the upcoming release of Iron Man 2 in May, many superhero fanatics find themselves craving a movie to wet their appetite for adventure and over the top action, a movie such as Kick-Ass.

From the beginning of Kick-Ass, the main character Dave Lizewski, (Aaron Johnson), defines himself as the socially awkward high school outcast. He goes on to explain that his life is rather average in the fact that he is neither extremely smart nor is he extremely athletic. The girl of his dreams doesn’t notice him, even when she looks directly at him.

Deciding to change this fact, he orders a custom wet-suit that he uses to create his alternate persona, Kick-Ass. In his first act as a crime fighter, Kick-Ass stands up to some local bullies. Kick-Ass ends up getting hit by a car and taken to the emergency room, where a series of operations give him multiple metal plates in his body that mess up his nerve endings. Kick-Ass quickly returns to fighting crime once he is released from the hospital, and on his first night back, he breaks up a gang fight and is videotaped while doing so. This makes his popularity sky-rocket and opens the door for many jobs around the New York City area. He happens upon a job working for the girl of his dreams, Katie Deauxma (Lyndsy Fonseca), and while the job is simple enough, its repercussions give Kick-Ass an unwanted reputation with the local mafia.

With the threat of the mafia, Kick-Ass meets up with two heroes known as Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz).  Big Daddy and Hit Girl are better trained and equipped than Kick-Ass, but this does not stop Kick-Ass from doing his part by teaming up with the heroes to confront the mafia. Kick-Ass even scares the mafia to such extremes that they create Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to pose as a fellow super hero and trick Kick-Ass into helping capture Big Daddy and Hit Girl. To find out how successful Kick-Ass is with his endeavors, go see the movie.

Kick-Ass has an easy to follow plot and a great, relatable cast. Full of action, violence, romance, and adolescent abuse of swear words, Kick-Ass is an amazing movie that brings out the superhero in everyone.

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