Headlines from around the world: 9-27-10

The Republican party is asking many Hispanics to step up to take office this year, as an effort to draw more Hispanic voters in 2012. In the past, Hispanics have largely voted Democratic due primarily to  immigration policies. However this paradigm is changing for 2010, with the Hispanics on the GOP ballot taking tough stances on immigration, supporting Arizona’s decision on illegal immigration.

According to the FBI, a Bank of America teller in Coral Gables, FL had a bomb strapped to his body and was forced to steal money from the bank. The bank teller, who did not wish to reveal his identity, was taken from his home in an apartment complex early Friday. The robbers escaped in a stolen red Ford Mustang with an undetermined amount of cash.

$1.4 million in services over 4 years were allegedly stolen by Mr. Edwin Andres Pena, a  27 year old computer hacker, posing as a legitimate wholesaler of the service. Police report that over 10 million minutes of telephone calls were transmitted over the web. If convicted, he could face 10 years in prison.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that much of the world believes that the US orchestrated the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Aafia Siddiqui, a 38 year old Pakistani woman, was sentenced to 86 years in prison after being convicted of trying to kill U.S. soldiers and FBI agents two years ago in Afghanistan. She has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Japanese officials have released the Chinese boat captain whose boat collided with a Japanese coast guard ship.

Verizon is planning to offer tiered data services giving users the option to buy only as much as they expect to use. This option will also allow Verizon to balance usage with the capacity of current wireless technology.

Fashion trends are coming back to old-style, rugged clothing with L.L. Bean’s return to the runway. The fashion-conscious no longer have to wear skinny men’s suits and can now go for the rugged, well-worn look of a lumberjack instead.

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