Headlines from around the world: 9-5-11

Libyan rebels in Tripoli have uncovered a collection of documents that appear to link the Central Intelligence Agency with Colonel Qaddafi’s intelligence service. These documents reveal information about the ties between the Bush administration and Libya’s state intelligence agency and appears to shows that the two agencies collaborated to a much greater extent than previously known. The ties apparently extended even to the US sending suspected terrorists to the Libyans for interrogation purposes. The authenticity of these documents cannot be verified at this time.

Blue Origin LLC of West Texas was forced to destroy their newly developed unmanned spacecraft during a test flight last week. The craft experienced an equipment malfunction that had caused it to fly off-course. Jeff Bezos, millionaire and founder of Amazon.com Inc., issued a statement indicating that while Blue Origin had hoped for a better flight, they intend to press on despite this setback.

The European Union has placed a ban on the importation of all Syrian oil in an effort to force President Bashar al-Assad to ease the oppression of his people. The current unrest, which is approaching six months’ duration, has been made progressively worse by Assad’s continual disregard for his people. The most recent including a bloody demonstration Friday in which 11 people were killed, a case where the police outnumbered the protesters.

Cracked roads, washed-out bridges and flooded homes are all that remain from Hurricane Irene. Cities and towns across the east coast are now scrambling to repair vital infrastructure before winter sets in, whose snow and ice could halt all construction and repair work for months. With mere weeks before the weather turns cold, roads and bridges must be repaired before the machines can even begin to revive power plants, homes, and offices.

Facing a dismal job report for this August, President Obama requested that the Environmental Protection Agency lift its proposed ban on ozone. The ban would have had a negative effect on jobs, and in light of current economic uncertainty, Obama saw the move as injurious to the nation. The ban may be enacted in 2013.

Chinese dissidents and activists are increasingly being subjected to what is being characterized by the term “forced disappearance.” This practice, the unlawful imprisonment for months or even years at a time, is currently being fought by various groups of human rights activists. The Chinese government refuses to concede that the practice is anything but legal, and continue to use it under the guise that the imprisoned are merely under house arrest for suspicion of criminal activities.

Protesters in Yemen have vowed that, no matter the cost, they will continue to stand and call for the current government to step down. The so-called peaceful revolution has been going on for seven months now, and demonstrators are insistent that they will protest even if it leads to civil war.

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