Woo-Hoo Booze Bash

Promoting alcohol awareness, Weekend at Mines hosted a dance party called Boo-Booze Bash, in order to show that alcohol is not necessary for a great time.

Partygoers were greeted by Michael Jackson, Doctor Who, LMFAO, and a man in a gillie suit. The party had a dance floor, food, non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol awareness posters, games, and prizes.

The attendants were as varied as the costumes. There were several upperclassmen, some representing the Greek Organizations. Most of these upperclassmen came out of curiosity and stayed with pleasure.

Junior Matt Conger-Eldeen said that he showed up because it was listed on the What’s Happening but that he stayed for several reasons, “I like the mocktails, and the food was really good.”

There was constant dancing and the dance floor overflowed on songs like “Party Rocker” and “I’m On a Boat”. When asked what his favorite part of the night was, Max Mazzocchi, dressed as Michael Jackson, said “best part is going to be when they play “Thriller.”

Included in the night was a costume contest, with prizes for the best individual costume and best double costume. The single person category was won by Will Spaeth as Albert Einstein and the double was won by Sydney Rogers and Clinton Smith as the Phantom of the Opera.

A crowd favorite that did not enter the costume contest was Jackson Bowie, a freshman who came as Doctor Who portrayed by Matt Smith. The costume idea, Bowie said, was given to him by his sister. When asked what brought him to the Boo-Booze Bash, he said he was just curious about the event.

The party lasted until eleven and ended with plenty of people sporting smiles and exhaustion from a night of dancing and eating.

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