Career Fair- Fall 2012_3

Career day a great success


This year’s Fall Career Day provided more than employment opportunities. It gave students a chance to explore, interact, learn, and gather a collection of promotional gear.

Paul Seyler, a recruiter for Phillips 66, said, “[the career fair] helps you as a student find what you want to do.” With companies involved in everything from insurance to minerals, Career Day allowed students, alumni, and staff to explore the various applications of engineering and the sciences.

Many people took advantage of Career Day as a time to network. With so many people in one place, it was a chance to get insight into industry. The career fair also helped students understand what could be in store for their future. “It’s a great opportunity to talk to alumni and learn from their experience,” said Stephanie Biagiotti, a Mines alum who currently works for Rio Tinto. From classes to some hints for future career fairs, recruiters eagerly helped students in their employment quests.

For upperclassmen, the goal was clear – earning an internship or full time position. But for the underclassmen, particularly the freshmen, Career Day offered a different experience. “Being a freshman created a lot of restrictions, but it’ll be a good opportunity in the future,” said Katy Schneider. Nonetheless, numerous freshmen attended in hopes of gaining experience or landing an internship this coming summer.

Although the 2012 Fall Career Day is now over, that does not mean an end to employment opportunities at Mines. Many companies are still recruiting, so check DiggerNet for updates. The largest Career Day in Colorado School of Mines history could not have been successful without hard work from many sources – from the companies that sent representatives, to the staff that organized the event. In the words of Holly Schmitz, “Thank you Career Center for organizing everything so well.” Look for company information sessions in the coming weeks, as well as the annual Spring Career Day in February.

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