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Emily McNair is a down-to-Earth artist who is rarely seen without some form of video game regalia. She is from the small town of Monument, Colorado and loves to spend her precious spare time outdoors. She has been with The Oredigger for three years and is currently Managing Editor. She is working on a degree in chemical engineering and will graduate in May.

“Tech Transfer:” A witty tale of deceit

When the beloved president of Kershaw University died, the faculty fell into a state of worry. Their pet projects were coming under more scrutiny than they had ever imagined. From the secret army project to create soldiers who did not need sleep to research in the lifestyle of laboratory rats, no laboratory was safe from the prying eyes of newly-instituted president Mark Winner. However, this is only the beginning of the problems at Kershaw. Scheming professors, a scandal that nearly closed the medical school, and so much more have the potential to damage the reputation of a university that is only beginning to turn itself around.


Watch Dogs in Review

In a world where everyone and everything is at a man’s fingertips, Chicago’s darkest secrets come to light. Aiden Pearce’s quest for revenge leads to forays into Chicago’s dark underworld of human trafficking, gang activity, and corruption. Although this story could easily have all of the fixings of a world-class game, Ubisoft failed to deliver with “Watch Dogs.” From the lackluster graphics to the poor driving mechanics, the game certainly is not the blockbuster it was made out to be.

Tent City at Mines

Officials in the department of Student Life have proposed a new way to house students at Mines: tents. According to initial estimates, 100 two person tents could be placed on Kafadar Commons. This would help ease the housing problems for incoming freshmen while providing students who want to “become one with nature” a way to do so. This will be the least expensive housing option on Mines campus with a cost of $2000 per semester. Students living in the tents will be required to obtain an unlimited meal plan as food in the tents is likely to attract wildlife.

Administration approves sleeping rooms

The administration has recently approved USG’s proposal to install sleeping rooms in every campus building. These sleeping rooms will provide a safe, quiet place for students to nap in between classes. Each room will be equipped with five beds and fifteen recliners. Student workers will keep these rooms clean and supervise the sleeping students.

Unprecedented Change to Civil Engineers’ Field Session

Civil engineers partaking in field session this summer will have a new challenge to contend with: updating campus buildings. The recent influx of students has increased the need for larger lecture halls and current buildings are being used to capacity. Incoming freshmen classes keep growing, which has been putting strain on already aging facilities. More and more students crowd small classrooms and residence halls are often over capacity. To compensate, Mines can do one of two things: increase the number of buildings or increase the capacity of those it already has. Rather than increase the number of buildings on campus and remove Kafadar Commons, the administration is looking to make current buildings taller.

Timeline of MH370

The disappearance of flight MH370 has left the world in shock. In such an interconnected world, it seemed impossible to lose something as large as a Boeing 777. However, the unthinkable became reality on Saturday, March 8 when 239 souls disappeared without a trace.


Titan A.E.

It is the year 3043. Earth was destroyed fifteen years ago by a powerful alien race called the Drej and humanity has all but ceased to exist. The only hope to save humanity is through Project Titan, a large spaceship hidden somewhere in the universe that holds the key to making a new Earth. Only one person in the universe, Kale, can turn on the Titan. The film tracks his quest from a scrapyard in the depths of space to a nebula filled with ice. Along the way, he must contend with backstabbing crewmates, love, and the all-important Drej, who track his every move. This is the premise of the 2000 movie “Titan A.E.”

Scientific discoveries this week: 3/17/14

Garching, Germany – The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has spotted the largest known yellow star, which has been named HR 5171 A. This star is among the ten largest stars discovered and is more than 1300 times the diameter of the sun. The star is a part of a binary star system where the second star touches the main star. Observations from the past sixty years show that this is a rapidly changing star system. The star is 12000 light-years from Earth and has been growing for the past forty years. Scientists used interferometry to study the star. This technique combines the light collected from many telescopes, which effectively created a telescope 140m in size.


Prince of Persia

In late 2008, Ubisoft released “Prince of Persia,” which was meant to be a reboot of the original series released in 1989. While the later reboot, “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,” was met with more acclaim, “Prince of Persia” is definitely a game that can stand on its own.

56th Annual Grammy Awards

The 56th annual Grammy Awards had more than just high fashion and music, though those were probably the main draws for millions of viewers. This year, 33 couples tied the knot after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s performance of “Same Love.” Queen Latifah acted as a temporary commissioner for the State of California and presided over the weddings. Several same-sex couples were included in the proceedings, and the event was kept secret for nearly two weeks. Even Madonna joined the fun and sang “Open Your Heart” as part of the performance.

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