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Minds at Mines: What would you do with a snow day?

A pile of homework due the next day and snow falling on the ground gives Mines students a desire to have a snow day, but nearly always the snow is not enough to cancel classes. Spring semester is the most likely time for extreme amounts of snow to fall though, as Colorado weather seems to spew more snow as time the months go on, until April anyway. This week, Minds at Mines asked students to use their imaginations and asked, “What would you do with a snow day?”

How to go up to five weeks without buying groceries, and other handy tips

Spring Career Fair is coming up, which means one important thing—free stuff. There are other valuable things that happen around Career Day time, such as actually getting to see what people look like when they dress classy or are actually trying to find a job/ internship without sounding incredibly awkward. But why should the weeks leading up to and the month after Career Day be awkward and filled with nerves? Why not make it one of the favorite times of the semester?

Scientific discoveries this week: 2/3/14

Dinosaurs not only fascinate the general population, they also offer a glimpse into the Earth’s history. Paleontologists from the University of Pennsylvania, classified a new species of dinosaur based on fossils discovered in China’s northwestern Gansu Province, now known as Yongjinglong datangi. The herbivorous species, estimated to be between 50 and 60 feet long, lived during the Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago.


2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia come running around the corner, with them come new competitions and promises of gold, silver and copper metals. This year there are over 98 events or what some people like to call ’98 forms of sliding’. There is everything from the luge, sliding on a sled while on your back; to skeleton, sliding on a sled while on your front. There will also, no doubt, be some impressive skiing performances, or as it is also known: sliding on sticks that are strapped to your feet. But let’s not forget ice skating, one of the most anticipated sections of the Winter Olympics, that includes sliding around an ice rink on blades that are stuck to your feet. The 2104 Sochi Winter Olympics promise various forms of sliding that are sure to be breathtaking but they also promise heart break and successes.

Block Copolymers in Improving Nanolithology

Nanolithography, a type of nanotechnology, is a field constantly improving. Dr. Greg Liu researched nanolithography and gave a seminar on the recent developments. According to Dr. Greg Liu, block copolymers can be used to assist in making extremely small structures. Liu outlined some of the challenges the field of nanolithography is facing, and elaborated on how his research can address these issues.

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