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The power of individual awareness

Julianna Valenzuela Contributor    In today’s world, it is easy to be oblivious to the struggles of others, especially those who are not within our own social classes. But oblivion and apathy allow discrimination to take place and removes our own power in doing anything about it. Engineering gives us the power to shape the…


Minds at Mines: What are you doing this summer?

With summer less than three weeks away, school becomes more difficult yet more important to focus on. Yet, the plans for the summer months can be a motivator to get through the last few midterms, projects, and homework assignments. Whether going on their departmental Field Camps, gaining experience on the job, or doing things for fun, Mines kids know how to have a great summer. This week Minds at Mines asked, “What are you doing this summer?”


Minds at Mines: Motivation

There are now less than three weeks until finals begin and, for most, the long year weighs on the shoulders and motivation is hard to come by. Whether bright-eyed freshman or a senior itching to graduate, Mines minds need to stay motivated in the crucial stretch to the end. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What keeps you motivated?”


Minds at Mines: Spring Break!

Spring Break comes at the perfect point in the semester to rescue Mines students from the constant homework, exams and projects. It is also a good halfway marker for the semester. Mines jokingly put up on the student activities board, “Don’t get arrested” the week before Spring Break. Hopefully most student’s plans included not being arrested, having fun, and maybe some relaxing. Before students headed off to faraway lands or home a few minutes away, Minds at Mines caught up with a few to ask,”What will have your Spring Break consisted of?”


Minds at Mines: “What made you come to Mines?”

Discover Mines happened last week, with prospective accepted students and their families scurrying about campus, trying to decide if they want to spend the next four (or five or more) years of their life in Golden. To students at Mines, that decision-making time may seem like a long time ago, yet the reasons they decided to choose Mines can still be remembered. This week, Minds at Mines tried to get an idea of what made undergraduate students choose to come here by asking, “What was the deciding factor in deciding you wanted to come to Mines?”


Minds at Mines: Would you rather it be below zero, or in triple digit temperatures?

The weather can never be perfect, and in a place like Golden, Colorado, it frequently oscillates between extremes, satisfying one sort of people while annoying the other sorts. The Front Range of Colorado experienced another cold spell last week, with temperatures in the single and negative digits Fahrenheit. A happy normal seems to lie somewhere in the double digit realm, but the low temps do occur, even if it hurts to breath. This week, Minds at Mines asked students, “Would you rather it be below zero, or in triple digit temperatures?”


Minds at Mines: What would you do with a snow day?

A pile of homework due the next day and snow falling on the ground gives Mines students a desire to have a snow day, but nearly always the snow is not enough to cancel classes. Spring semester is the most likely time for extreme amounts of snow to fall though, as Colorado weather seems to spew more snow as time the months go on, until April anyway. This week, Minds at Mines asked students to use their imaginations and asked, “What would you do with a snow day?”


Minds at Mines: Super Bowl

With the Winter Olympics set to start in Sochi, Russia and Super Bowl 48 featuring the Denver Broncos, the beginning of February will not be boring in the sports world. Many Mines students will be sure to be found huddled around a television somewhere with chicken wings in hand. But the question is, what will they be watching? A week before Super Bowl Sunday, Minds at Mines asked, “Which are you more excited for this year: the Super Bowl or Olympics?”

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