Minds at Mines: What would you do with a snow day?

A pile of homework due the next day and snow falling on the ground gives Mines students a desire to have a snow day, but nearly always the snow is not enough to cancel classes. Spring semester is the most likely time for extreme amounts of snow to fall though, as Colorado weather seems to spew more snow as time the months go on, until April anyway. This week, Minds at Mines asked students to use their imaginations and asked, “What would you do with a snow day?”

Probably grab a bunch of my friends and just dive into the snow. I literally just want to flip into the snow. Then we can go sledding.
Eric Sears

Make snow day pancakes because it’s the only time my housemates are all together.
Krista Pekarek

Colton-Kohnke [Laughs.] Thank whatever deity that caused whatever it is to cancel school. …I’m convinced Mines has a snow machine. It’s in the tower of Guggenheim.
Colton  Kohnke

Go skiing or build a snow fort.
Steven Rennolet

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