Minds at Mines: “What made you come to Mines?”

Discover Mines happened last week, with prospective accepted students and their families scurrying about campus, trying to decide if they want to spend the next four (or five or more) years of their life in Golden. To students at Mines, that decision-making time may seem like a long time ago, yet the reasons they decided to choose Mines can still be remembered. This week, Minds at Mines tried to get an idea of what made undergraduate students choose to come here by asking, “What was the deciding factor in deciding you wanted to come to Mines?”

I mean, I like math. It just kinda worked out that way.
Izzie Aguiar
Nerds. I was drawn to the nerdy atmosphere.
Jojo Clark
Gus-Becker The girls.
Gus Becker
The potential once I graduate.
Drew Stoltzfus
Johnathon-Kohl It is the best engineering school in the state.
Jonathon Kohl

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