Gear Review: Oakley Splice Snow Goggles

Oakley is a revered brand when it comes to optics such as sunglasses and goggles, and offers many different models, styles, and options for their products. Although the brand is typically quite expensive, their products hold a high standard of quality. This is the case with Oakley’s Splice snow goggle. This high tech goggle is durable and comfortable, and the interchangeable lenses allow use in a variety of conditions.
Innovation is exemplified in the structure and features of these goggles. Unique construction allows the goggle to maintain supreme comfort throughout the nasal area. Additionally, O Matter ® frame material is specifically designed to allow the goggle to remain flexible in the coldest conditions. To eliminate fogging, the goggles feature vented lenses and breathable material on the tops and bottoms of the frame. Outriggers, which are designed to allow the interchangeability of different straps, are oriented on the ends of the goggle to eliminate peripheral view interference. Even better, the lens is nearly flush with the frame, which maximizes downward visibility. Moisture wicking foam on the interior of the goggle keeps the wearer dry and extremely comfortable. Maximizing comfort even further, the strap is easily adjusted and features gripping material to keep the goggles in place over helmets.

The Splice model comes in about 10 different color variations, and this specific goggle is colored with Slant Jewel Blue. Lenses also present even more customization options, and Splice is compatible with over 10 different lens types. This goggle displays the fire iridium lens, one of the more costly options, other than polarized. Fire iridium presents certain disadvantages: low light levels become harder to see in, the cost is pretty steep (about $70 for a replacement), and the lens is easily scratched. The advantages of the lens: high quality display and balanced light transmission, superb sun protection, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. With proper care and maintenance, the pros certainly outweigh the cons
The price, at $150, is somewhat steep, but finding a deal at a local Oakley outlet will alleviate the tension of such a purchase. A purchase of low and high light level lenses would be ideal, but again, expensive. If you are seeking a beginner level goggle, the costly Oakley Spice Goggle might not be for you. However, advanced skiers and snowboarders who recognize the importance of quality optics will find this model to be a perfect addition to their setup.

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