Gear Review: Tardis USB hub & Camp Chef Everest stove

This issue’s Gear Review looks at two things. First, for the nerdy ones out there, there is a review on a TARDIS USB hub for all computers, and second, since spring break is over and some people went camping, there is a review of the Camp Chef Everest camping stove.

For the computer and sci-fi nerds out there, GameStop sells a neat USB hub that looks like something The Doctor would use—the TARDIS. For those who do not know what that is, it is the time machine The Doctor from “Doctor Who” uses to travel across time and space. This hub plugs into any USB port on a computer and comes with 4 USB ports, two located on either side. Unfortunately, the hub cannot support USB devices that need extra power to run. To compensate for that, the back of the hub includes a port for an external power supply that allows the hub to support high-powered devices. All of the useful parts of this are neat, but the most exciting thing about the TARDIS USB hub is the activation noise. Whenever anything is plugged into the hub, the familiar “whoooosh whoooosh” sounds plays. If showing it off is better, it has a “whoooosh whoooosh” button on the outside. It is available online and at GameStop for $25.

The next item is the Camp Chef Everest camping stove. Camping stoves are useful for camping, mostly because hot food is a fantastic convenience in the wilderness. This stove has many great features including powerful burners that allow food to cook fast and all the way through. Additionally, the cooking area provides a generous amount of room for a compact stove, and the flame control makes it easy to adjust cooking temperature. The only problem is that the propane regulator when stored, sits within the stove and rattles around making an annoying noise. The Camp Chef Everest stove is available online for around $98. It is a little expensive for a college budget, but this stove is the best bet for serious campers.

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