Community Spotlight: Art on the Brix

One recent trend for young and old is creative entertainment. Offering painting classes paired with alcohol these places provide a creative experience paired with a fun, social atmosphere. Art on the Brix is one such place in Golden, located in the alley behind Indulge, next to Urban Escape Day Spa. Opened in October 2011, Art on the Brix offers guided classes that cover canvas and glass painting as well as providing open studios for local artists to work on their own projects.

Father and daughter co-owners Alyssa and Barry Graves opened Art on the Brix after Alyssa encountered a similar place in Denver, Colorado meeting an old high school friend for art and drinks. It was an experience she had never had and she could not believe how simple and effective it was, especially the social component. Alyssa’s father, Barry, had also participated in one of these classes and found the idea of combining wine and creativity intriguing. From those experiences, Art on the Brix was born. Barry provided the extensive list of wines while Alyssa sought local artists to guide the classes and interacted with customers.

With their motto “Create Taste Play,” Alyssa and Barry have created an adult playground that allows those of all experience and walks of life to enjoy a night with good friends that ends with a personal creation. Alyssa urges those who have never participated or who might hesitate because of minimal art skills to have an open mind to the experience. “There’s no bar you have to reach. We certainly don’t expect you to be the next van Gogh…ninety-nine percent of the time, your work turns out far better than you think.” She also reassures nervous newcomers by explaining the process is step by step and the instructor is there to help in any way he or she can. Everyone else is likely in the same mindset but by the end of the night, everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. And whenever in doubt, participants can take another drink of wine.

Student Activities is still selling student vouchers for Art on the Brix that run $15 (classes typically start at $35-$40). Alyssa is extremely pleased with the amount of student response that she has seen. CSM students are reportedly particularly common on Friday nights.

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