Gear Review: Van’s Canvas Authentic

There exists an invention so simple and innovative that it has evolved to become an integral part of not only daily life but fashion as well. Civilization has brandished shoes for almost as long as recorded history goes, so it is easy to forget something as simple as footwear can be so vital to an individual’s outward appearance and persona. The Van’s “Canvas Authentic” model of men’s shoes combines both the common utility of all-purpose shoes with elegant style.

During orientation week, freshmen break into their CSM 101 sections to become acquainted with their new classmates whom they will be learning the basics of Mines alongside of. Upperclassmen certainly rue the day they had to awkwardly navigate their way through ridiculous ice breakers. One of these ice breakers is known as the, “shoe game.” Playing the “shoe game” is easy enough, with the rules being as complex as any other party game. In the small group of ten or so standing in a circle, every player removes one of his or her shoes and tosses it into the center of the ring of people and puts the other shoe behind them. Afterwards, players randomize their position in the circle so no one is standing next to where their actual shoes are. The first player picks up a shoe of his or her choosing then verbally describes the personality of the owner based on nothing but the type and quality of the shoe alone. After psychoanalyzing the anonymous owner, the guesser makes his or her best attempt at figuring who the shoe actually belongs to, going until the guesser picks right.

Humans subconsciously notice every single small detail, from the hair on top of a girl’s head right down to the shoes on people’s feet, even if they do not give that much thought into it. Rugged tennis shoes probably indicate a physically active person who loves outdoorsy activities, while delicate flip-flops show off a relaxed and easygoing personality. The Van’s Canvas Authentic emanate an aura of wanting the best of both worlds of comfort and style.

Moderately priced at $50, the Canvas Authentic is comprised of textile cloth equipped with a waffle rubber sole and is available in a variety of colors. The shoe is specifically designed for skateboarding, but other functional uses of the shoes include looking good in school, going out to the mall to hang out, and even just traveling on the go. The Mines Ballroom Dance Club actually recommends Vans for dancing, and they have proved themselves fitting for getting into the groove of Swing among other dance styles. The best part of the Canvas Authentic shoe model is they are very comfortable and frankly they just look cool, though with that in mind, do be aware that while they can survive normal wear and tear, they do not fare well in bad weather. With thoughtful care these shoes can keep the average engineer at the top of the “good-looking pyramid.”

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