Headlines from around the world: 9/30/13

This week, the UN Security Council unanimously voted to enact a plan to eliminate all of the chemical weapons in Syria by mid 2014. The plan includes inspections of Syria’s weapon stockpiles by experts and complete destruction of chemical weapon potential. World leaders support the decision and see it as a big step towards peace in Syria.

Terrorist attacks on a shopping mall have killed a confirmed 67 people, with many more still to be accounted for. Preliminary reports suggest that the attackers gained control of the mall with force, by killing innocent security guards. After gaining access and taking hostages the attackers maintained control of the mall for the next four days, at which time police and military forces regained control of the mall. Investigations are currently underway.

The Ku Klux Klan has obtained a permit to hold a rally near the famous town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The rally is planned on the site of the famous battle and the site of the Gettysburg address. The leader of the local chapter of the KKK has been quoted in local newspapers saying his chapter is devoted to removing Obama from office.

Venezuelan authorities have arrested 22 people in connection to a recent drug bust. Nearly 3000 pounds of Cocaine were found on an Air France flight from Venezuela to Paris. The drugs were smuggled onto the plane by security officials in Venezuela and were being smuggled into Europe by security officials at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Six people have been arrested in France, three were British and three Italian.

Ninety-two children have been rescued and 301 people were arrested in China following an investigation into a child trafficking ring. The ring appears to have been targeting children in one part of China and moving them to another part of China where they were being sold. Speculators blame China’s one child policy and lax adoption laws for the child trafficking problems.

Surgeons in China are growing a replacement nose for a patient. They used transplant techniques to grow a new nose for a patient, Xiaolian, who lost his nose in a traffic accident. HIs new nose is being grown directly on his forehead. When the nose is ready doctors will transplant it to the correct place on Xiaolian’s face.

Forty-two people are confirmed dead in a building collapse in Mumbai, India. So far, 33 people have been pulled from the wreckage alive, while some are still missing. The cause of the collapse has be attributed to poorly completed construction. Building collapses have become common in India where they struggle to maintain their infrastructure.

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