“Neighbors” cannot be described as anything short of terrible. The acting was bad and the script was worse. Seth Rogen was not any better than usual, and yes, Zac Efron has a nice face, but this movie did not do much for his acting career. Rose Byrne and Dave Franco also appear, but they do little for the movie. The plot, two new parents move in next to a frat house, was questionable to begin with and did not do the movie any favors. Like a lot of movies these days, the trailer pretty much included all of the remotely funny parts, which meant the actual movie was quite disappointing.

The premise of the movie is that there are two new parents and they move into a house that happens to be next to a fraternity that parties often. Of course, they decide to be cool and hip and go over and join the party, instead of calling the cops. As if any sane parent with a small child would be irresponsible enough to go drink and do drugs while their baby was sleeping. This ends in disaster, unsurprisingly. What is supposed to be hilarity ensues. The movie misses that by a long shot.

“Neighbors” is supposed to be a comedy. Putting it in the category of comedy is a disgrace to other comedies that are actually funny and well done. Theoretically, sexual humor can be funny, but the movie replies solely on sexual humor and graphic sex, both of which are unnecessary and distasteful, to make the audience laugh. The humor is so crude that it is at the point of being uncomfortable. There is also a certain lack of respect for other human beings, people are constantly being degraded in various ways. It is supposed to be funny, but the movie fails on that account.

There is an extreme amount of drugs, alcohol, sex, and swearing in “Neighbors.” In moderation, it might have been alright. However, it was borderline promoting the idea of doing drugs, and not just a small amount, as if it was not illegal and frowned upon in most aspects of society. The idea of binge drinking along with taking various (illegal) drugs is glorified. This is actually repulsive and a terrible influence on most people watching it, as if college-aged people need more of an incentive to act irresponsibly. The sex scenes are unnecessarily graphic, and while they try to be funny, they are instead sloppy and disgusting. All of this is quite the unappealing combination of elements.

This movie is not worth anyone’s time. Shirtless Zac Efron is probably one of the only highlights of this movie, and that can be found in another setting with a little less sexism, crude humor, and unnecessary sex scenes. The plot is mediocre at best but that is being generous. There is little or no cinematic quality, and even though that is to be expected of most comedies, it is not even remotely well put together. “Neighbors” could be considered funny if offensive, distasteful jokes make you laugh and you do not mind blatant sexism, irresponsibility, and awful acting.

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