Dance, Dance

Izzy AguiarIf you spend even a quarter of the time that I spend in the library each week, you have undoubtedly noticed the blue and white striped flyers excitedly inviting each and every Mines student to Dance Team tryouts.

These intriguing flyers inspire my mind to wander off from my Partial Differential Equations homework, and into a world where I don brightly patterned yoga pants and “pop, lock, and jerk” in my free time.

I (sadly) realize the magnitude of the ridiculousness of this daydream when I glimpse my reflection in the library window: bulky headphones over my yellow-tinted computer glasses and awkwardly bobbing my head, off-beat, to “Naive Melody” by the Talking Heads.

As often as I may kid myself (which is quite often), my dance skills are truly lacking and, much to my regret, always will be. This fact makes me even more impressed and interested in the Mines Dance Team, a student organization composed of eight extremely talented men and women whose mission is to support the Athletics of our university.

The president of the dance team is Ashley Macumber and their coach, Amy Gard, is a professional dancer and teacher who dedicates her time and talents to improving and supporting the team throughout the year. The dance team urges on crowd participation and excitement at all Mines football and basketball games through its creative cheers and enticing dance performances. A quick “YouTube” search of past performances and routines leaves me with a dropped jaw, amazed with their coordination and creativity, as well as their clear passion for the art that shines through their every movement.

As this academic year gets rolling, keep your eye out for the Mines Dance Team at the upcoming sporting events. Although I may have resigned to my obvious lack of dance skills, watching this talented group of students perform generates both excitement and awe as a spectator. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, they have some “sweet dance moves.”

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