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The Human-Centered Design Studio

While senior design projects are inherently innovative, one team is tackling disability-related barriers with a special project this semester. The Human Centered Design Studio (HCDS) team consists of 26 Mechanical and Electrical engineering students working on a variety of adaptive sports equipment projects that will allow people with disabilities to participate in activities that they…

Bill Nye

Featured Interview with Bill Nye

The following is a condensed version of The Oredigger’s interview with Bill Nye. What about science makes you so excited, and how can teachers get this across to students? Nye was excited right away with this question. His immediate response was “How can they not?!” He talked about how science is important for the future,…

Dance, Dance

If you spend even a quarter of the time that I spend in the library each week, you have undoubtedly noticed the blue and white striped flyers excitedly inviting each and every Mines student to Dance Team tryouts. These intriguing flyers inspire my mind to wander off from my Partial Differential Equations homework, and into…

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