Get Outside With Help from The ORC

Walking about campus one can find a plethora of climbing shoes strapped to the outside of backpacks, students proud of their google tan, and occasionally students carrying around their skis in an attempt to please the snow gods.

The ORC is an excellent resource for outdoor enthusiasts, and those looking to gain experience.

“I like having a service on campus that I am passionate about. I can personally related to it,” said Erika Meister, an employee at the ORC.

The ORC is great for beginners and experts alike. “The ORC helps break the barrier to entry that would be difficult for student to do on their own,” Sean Coady said. By planning guided trips the ORC helps to introduce outdoor activities to many on campus.

“They provide a vital introduction to many activities that people would normally not feel comfortable to start by themselves. The ORC ensures that beginners can experience the sport while being safe,” said Meister.

The ORC can offer outdoor luxury to experience outdoor enthusiasts. “It’s nice to be able to have access to all this equipment. For me, it’s stuff that I don’t own, that I don’t really need, but it makes things a lot nicer once you’re out there,” Coady said.

The ORC offers a unique opportunity to students to access inexpensive gear, repair services, and training to allow any student to safely access the outdoors.


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