Learning to Dance: Mines Ballroom

Ballroom Dance is an organization at Mines that offers weekly dance lessons and puts on events throughout the year. For example, on Saturday, Dec. 6, they put on a 1920’s themed dance. The event featured lessons at the beginning, and was followed by a few hours to just dance and hang out.

Jen Silva, a member of the club, explained the appeal of Mines Ballroom dance.

“I began doing ballet at age 3, and throughout the years gradually have incorporated different styles of dance. When I got to Mines, I was looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, something less intense,” Silva said.

Each week the club alternates between lessons that teach blues dancing and tango. The student led ballroom dance team also offers the opportunity to try out for different dance teams such as the waltz and swing team. Each team focuses on a different style of dance, and maintains a different practice schedule throughout the semester.

“I first got involved at the welcoming ball, and then started signing up for everything” Silva said. She encourages anyone interested to get involved.

“Don’t be afraid to look silly, everyone has to start somewhere. Leave your perfectionism at the door, set out to have a good time, and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

To get involved find additional information on their OrgSync.

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