Campus Power Rankings: Coffee Places

As Mines Students, we’re always looking for our next coffee fix. Here at the Oredigger, we’ve decided to figure out which one is best!

5. Elements-Top floor of the Student Center 

While Elements is more a convenience store than a coffee place, there are still many options for student’s caffeine needs. These drinks are bottled, so they lack a hot option, and are not made-to-order by a barista. This along with the steep prices in Elements make it the lowest ranked coffee option on the CSM campus. Really, if you want coffee just hop on over to Starbucks also located in Periodic Table. 

4. Einstein’s Bros-First floor CTLM

Einstein’s only narrowly lost to Starbucks in Periodic Table as the number 4 coffee location on campus. Einstein’s does have a leg up on the food options that students can buy along with a drink order. Their beverages are roughly the same quality as Starbucks but with much fewer options. Einstein’s does have a great staff, and the, although limited, seating within the restaurant is quieter than the options in Periodic Table which are usually packed full of busy students. However, Einstein’s is not an option for the evening coffee drinker, as is closes at 3 pm most days of the week and is closed on weekends. 

3. Starbucks-Top floor of Student Center in Periodic Table 

Starbucks beat Einstein’s because of the greater emphasis on customer caffeine needs. Starbucks has magnitudes more drink options than Einstein’s, and its central location on campus can make it a more convenient stop for students moving between classes. Starbucks is a well-known chain with a number of drink options. However, the commonality of this location, along with the high prices rank it low on the list of coffee options. The staff are always friendly and make drinks well, but Starbucks is a lower quality, highly known coffee shop that lacks the originality of other options on campus. 

2. Blaster’s Brew-First floor Brown

Blaster’s Brew serves Starbucks drinks but because of the incredible barista Marleen the drinks are higher quality and more personalized to the orderer’s taste. Marleen is the cornerstone of this caffeine option and makes Blaster’s Brew the perfect stop for students who are unsure of what drink is right to order. Blaster’s Brew also houses to-go food options for students and other bottled drinks such as Monsters. Blaster’s Brew is not number one only because of the hours of operation. Like Einstein’s, Blaster’s Brew closes in the afternoon and is not open on weekends. This option is highly recommended to all students simply because the Marleen is an amazing member of the campus staff that everyone should talk to at least once while attending Mines. Not only will you get a delicious drink, made better than at another Starbucks franchise, but you will be greeted with love and a smile by the barista. 

1. Book&Brew-First floor Library 

Book&Brew comes in as number one because of quality of the drinks they serve. There are a number of flavors and options that fit the taste of any student needing a caffeine break. The prices of drinks and a number of snack options are low compared to any other coffee shop on campus. Seasonal drinks are also created which means the menu is constantly changing, even though the usual number of teas, smoothies, lattes, and Italian sodas mean you would never have to have the same option twice. 

There’s really no way to go wrong with a cup of coffee or tea or even non-caffeinated drink while surviving a busy semester so pop on over to any of the CSM coffee places and treat yourself. 

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