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Kobe Bryant: More than a player

The day is Sunday, January 26th, and the year is 2020. When one looks outside, they see the clear yet crisp air of a winter day, thankful that the temperature has not dropped below fifty degrees, yet. Just twenty-four hours prior, I was exploring Denver, celebrating my nineteenth birthday with some friends. Life continues, uninterrupted….


Looking Back at Mines Tennis

There has lately been a movement–not highly successful–to get the school to build an asphalt tennis court. Something must be done soon or Mines will have no tennis team… There is no reason why good courts cannot be built in Golden… Mines has several good tennis players, and should stand an excellent chance of winning…


Your Response Matters

Here are the basics:  Census results help determine how approximately $675 billion in annual federal funding are allocated to states and communities for education, health care, public infrastructure, research grants, federal employees, other social services, and more.  The results determine how many seats in Congress each state gets. As mandated by the U.S. Constitution in…


How to Achieve Inclusion Goals

At the Diversity, Inclusion & Access (DI&A) town hall on February 20, students and faculty expressed frustrations with the current community status on Mines campus. One student spoke out about the lack of affordable housing, making retention difficult for PhD students living off a stipend.  The town halls held over the last few weeks represent…


The Student Vote

How many Mines students will vote in the upcoming election? The Presidential Primaries and debates are making the news as the 2020 presidential election draws closer. The primary voting has started – most states have primaries or caucuses to determine which candidates from each party will be on the November General Election ballot. Here in…

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