Police Blotter

The Oredigger is working with CSM Public Safety to provide a regularly updated list of the reports received by Public Safety.

Police Blottter – 4/26/2010

During the period 4-19-2010 to 4-26-2010, the following reports were received by Public Safety.

Tuesday 4/20/10:
11:15 AM, West Campus Road: Checking Suspicious Vehicle

Thursday 4/22/10:
4:10 PM, Hall of Justice Lot: Criminal Mischief
5:00 PM, Public Safety Office: Welfare Check

Saturday 4/17/10:
4:50 PM, Green Center: Trespassing (Skateboarding)

Police Blottter – 4/19/2010

During the period 4-13-2010 to 4-19-2010, the following reports were received by Public Safety.

Tuesday 4/13/10:
6:56 PM, Thomas Hall: Trespassing

Thursday 4/15/10:
9:15 AM, Chauvenet Hall: Suspicious Incident
3:05 PM, Kappa Sigma: Criminal Mischief

Saturday 4/17/10:
12:27 AM, Illinois Street: Alcohol, MIP
1:39 AM, 14th Street: Alcohol, MIP
3:19 AM, Off Campus: Alcohol, MIP

Sunday 4/18/10:
2:24 AM, Green Center: Trespassing, Skateboarding

Police Blotter – 4/13/2010

During the period 4-5-2010 to 4-13-2010, the following reports were received by Public Safety.

Wednesday 4/7/10:
2:30 PM, 18th Street: Trespassing

Thursday 4/8/10:
12:01 PM, Hill Hall: Harassment
2:30 PM, Lot B: Suspicious Incident
8:01 PM, Pillars Parking Area: Suspicious Person

Friday 4/9/10:
2:40 PM, 19th Street: Suspicious Person
3:48 PM, Alderson Hall: Detox Hold on Intoxicated Party
5:32 PM, Public Safety Office: Detox Hold on Intoxicated Party
5:54 PM, Arthur Lakes Library: Trespassing
7:30 PM, Ford Lot: Motor Vehicle Threat
7:33 PM, 14th Street: Suspicious Person
8:45 PM, Library/Gym Reserved Lot: Suspicious Person
8:53 PM, Steinhauer Field House: Suspicious Person
9:55 PM, 16th & Maple: Checking Suspicious Vehicle
22:12 PM, Bradford Hall: Under-age consumption/possession – Alcohol

Saturday 4/10/10:
6:23 PM, 18th Street: Indecent Exposure
7:04 PM, 17th & Elm: Suspicious Person
7:26 PM, 19th & Illinois: Assault 3rd Degree
10:14 PM, Kafadar Commons: Consumption Regulated – Alcohol

Sunday 4/11/10:
8:15 AM, Off Campus: Welfare Check
4:25 PM, Off Campus: Harassment

Police Blotter – 3/22/2010

During the period 3-1-2010 to 3-21-2010, the following reports were received by Public Safety.

Monday 3/1/2010:
5:15 am, Brown Building: Burglary 3rd Degree
2:30 pm, Bradford Hall: Felony Theft

Tuesday 3/2/2010:
10:20 am, Student Recreation Center: Theft From Buildings
12:35 pm, Sigma Alpha Epsilon House: Burglary 1st Degree

Wednesday 3/3/2010:
6:45 pm, Student Recreation Center: Theft under $1000

Friday 3/5/2010:
1:00 am, 15th Street: Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft
2:05 pm, Student Recreation Center: Theft under $1000
7:50 pm, Student Recreation Center: Disorderly Conduct

Thursday 3/11/2010:
11:20 am, CTLM: Damage to Property

Friday 3/12/2010:
12:45 am, Weaver Towers: Regulated Alcohol Consumption
5:00 pm, Hill Hall: Theft under $1000
10:50 pm, Mines Park: Regulated Alcohol Consumption

Sunday 3/14/2010:
2:20 pm, Student Recreation Center: Felony Theft

Wednesday 3/17/2010:
9:40 am, Facilities Management Reserved Lot: Damage to Property

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