Misrepresentation Game

Cinematically speaking, “The Imitation Game” is a great movie. It contains great acting and an amazing soundtrack. “The Imitation Game” follows mathematician Alan Turing and his work during World War II on a machine that would “break” Enigma, the German encoding machine through which the Germans sent their war communications. When I walked out of…


Interstellar Movie Review: A Black Hole Experience

“Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”—Cooper from “Interstellar.” While most movies can easily be categorized as dramas, comedies, or science fiction pieces, Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” transcends categorization while transcending time and space. A mind-blowing experience filled to the brim with astrophysics, this scientific phenomenon is a must-see for any…


Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Review

Ever wanted to freeze the world, join an evil villain league, and talk to a girl at the Laundromat but your arch nemesis just keeps getting in your way? Dr. Horrible understands. In this 2008 musical comedy, Neil Patrick Harris stars as Dr. Horrible, a truly evil villain out to prove his evilness to everyone. All Horrible really wants is to join the most prestigious society for super villains: the Evil League of Evil. But in order to join the League, he must prove that he’s bad enough to join their ranks. And so he hatches a plan: steal some wonderflonium to create a time-stopping freeze ray and take over the world! The only problem? As Horrible is carrying out his super evil scheme, that cute girl from the Laundromat appears. Penny, played by Felicia Day, is a sweet, generous volunteer at the local homeless shelter who comes looking for signatures on a petition to turn a condemned building into a homeless shelter. While Dr. Horrible is distracted he is interrupted yet again, this time by someone much worse: his arch nemesis Captain Hammer. Played by Nathan Fillion, Hammer is a hero with super strength, invulnerability, and an ego to match. Just when he thought that Captain Hammer couldn’t get any worse, he steals Dr. Horrible’s girl! Not that she was really his girl, but they talked a few times at the Laundromat so it was pretty serious. Now Dr. Horrible has to impress the Evil League of Evil and try to win Penny over. And it will not be an easy feat.


“Neighbors” cannot be described as anything short of terrible. The acting was bad and the script was worse. Seth Rogen was not any better than usual, and yes, Zac Efron has a nice face, but this movie did not do much for his acting career. Rose Byrne and Dave Franco also appear, but they do little for the movie. The plot, two new parents move in next to a frat house, was questionable to begin with and did not do the movie any favors. Like a lot of movies these days, the trailer pretty much included all of the remotely funny parts, which meant the actual movie was quite disappointing.

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