Let’s Get Ready to Go Back to the Movies!

Image courtesy of Zachary Barry.

As the world carefully climbs out of the Coronavirus pandemic and things begin to slowly shift back to normal, it is safe to say that most people can not wait to get back into a movie theater for the summer movie season. 2020 saw almost every major film repeatedly delayed and movie-going audiences are excited for the chance to see something new. Here’s a look at some of 2021’s most highly anticipated films (dates still subject to change of course).

Cruella (May 28th)- Disney has been revisiting more and more of their older franchises lately, and sooner or later they were bound to revisit 101 Dalmatians. However, Disney is now choosing to tell the story of Cruella de Vil, the terrifying villain of the animated classic. Starring Emma Thompson as a demanding baroness and Emma Stone as the creepy Cruella, this movie sure looks like it will be a fun watch!

A Quiet Place Part II (May 28th)- Shhh! If we’re super quiet, they may release the film sooner! A Quiet Place Part II, the sequel to the horror/thriller A Quiet Place, is a continuation of the Abbott family’s story as they are forced to venture into the unknown and look for a place to keep themselves safe. As they journey, they discover the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only thing they need to worry about…

In the Heights (June 17th)- The film adaptation of singer-songwriter Lin Manuel Miranda’s hit musical In the Heights promises to be a fun, music-filled adventure. This musical follows the stories of several different people who all live in the New York City Latino neighborhood Washington Heights. Trust me, if musicals are your thing, In the Heights is guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat!

Luca (June 17th)- Another Disney animated feature, Luca is the coming of age story of two young boys living in a seaside town on the Italian Riviera. The boys have a secret though, they are actually sea monsters from a deep-sea world and are not supposed to have contact with humans. The film is produced by Pixar Animation Studios, so it’s sure to be a tear-jerker, but it’ll be hard to pass up this summer-centric, gelato-filled adventure!

Black Widow (July 9th)- Black Widow fans assemble! The spy-turned-Avenger is finally getting her own solo movie and it looks like it will be fantastic! Black Widow promises to explore Natasha Romanoff’s backstory and her fight against the mysterious new villain, Taskmaster, who can mimic any fighting style he comes across. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here waiting for this film to come out…

Jungle Cruise (July 30th)- Based on the Disney theme park ride of the same name, Jungle Cruise stars Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, a scientist and riverboat pilot respectively, as they sail deep into the jungle in hopes of finding a magical, medicinal cure. Disney has had some failures (Haunted Mansion) and successes (Pirates of the Caribbean) with theme park ride inspired movies before, but this movie looks like it will be a crazy, fun, Indiana Jones-esq adventure.

No Time to Die (October 8th)- Bond is back and trouble has come with him! (Which is a given with any Bond movie, but for the sake of movie descriptions). The 25th installment of the ever-popular James Bond franchise, No Time to Die will pit Bond against a mysterious new villain armed with a dangerous and frightening new technology. I’ll take my popcorn shaken, not stirred, please.

Top Gun: Maverick (November 19th)- Over thirty-six years after the release of the first movie, Tom Cruise is back as everybody’s favorite cocky Naval fighter pilot, Pete Mitchell.  Top Gun: Maverick will follow Mitchell’s life in the navy as a test pilot and teacher as he works to train a new naval squadron for a dangerous mission. Anyone else feeling the need to speed off to the movies!

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